4D Strategies to Living Unstuck

4D Strategies to Living Unstuck ISBN: 9780692077177, an e-book published, copyright and written by John Polish.

Sub-titled “A Guide to Emotional Intelligence and Management Expectations” the author presents an Introduction followed by 10 chapters explaining the need for people to ‘get unstuck’ from their humdrum, often miserable life situation that is a constant mental drive toward what you believe is a ‘perfect life”. The first chapter explains “What it means to be stuck” and follows with chapters providing contributions made by Expectations, Emotions, Distractions, the ‘Drama’ involved, how to “Deal with your unmet expectations”., necessity to Define your ideals, Develop your faith, Drive on, and ultimately, Unstuck-Now what?

Discussion: The author, after experiencing horrendous road-blocks to his life’s expectations, believes he has devised a manner by which he believes individuals suffering from similar devastating experiences can deal with them in a satisfying manner. Fundamentally, the answer is that the person “must be able to process your emotions in a healthy manner” in way that will remove “an emotional attachment we have to our circumstances is what keeps us stuck.” The individual must learn to process his/her emotions and learn to stop focusing on the issue. Thus, introspective analyses must lead the person to defining which of their existing emotions are the more dominant contributors (e.g. fear, anger) and must successfully manage them especially, as well as the others, of course. He emphasizes the need to discover supportive groups, but admits they often may be a little difficult to find. He mentions the fact that technology has isolated and desensitized much of today’s population and quotes Les Brown speaking about sympathy seekers: “80% of people don’t care and 20% are glad it’s you.” Thus to reiterate, the need remains to concentrate on introspectively examining oneself because “The only way to experience real happiness is to learn how to process your emotions first.”

Conclusion: the author has presented another approach to the many books providing ways in which the increasing numbers of individuals are finding a need for help and turning to the expanding number of self-help books being offered. This one offers a worthwhile contribution in a friendly, homey manner that many will find most helpful. The one feature this reviewer regrettably finds somewhat lacking is more direct presentation of procedures effective in aiding the reader to effectively indulge in the introspective process.

3*    4* for worthwhile contribution; 3* or less for needed specifics.

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