A Place to Stay Forever



A Place to Stay Forever ISBN: 9780228809944 Tellwell Talent copyright and written by Mark L. Lloyd.

After finishing this book, this reviewer finds himself in a remarkably unusual position of attempting to present an intelligible description of a plot to prospective readers. A prologue depicts a man ruminating on facing death at the age of 22 years with an opening statement “You must be bold to face certain death by a god you hold no love towards. Twenty-two years old, twenty-two years old, my time living any longer in this realm is now at a close. The magic which grants me a glimpse at God’s real potential, only to snatch it from my gaze using the cold hands of death.” Twenty-one chapters follow as this individual mostly is ignored until quite late when he experiences a biological love that is worth giving up the unusual state of eternal life that is being thrust upon him and many inhabitants of the small area in which he resides. He does not speak the necessary word at the prescribed time to bring the affair to fruition. And the Epilogue describes his death as occurring as a result of his breaking the rules of the society into which he has been thrust. Between these ‘Book Ends’ the reader is presented with philosophical meanderings with respect to immortality in general and the meaning of life.

Discussion: If the prospective reader enjoys philosophical ruminations following a rather vague pattern, the book will be for you. Regrettably for this reader the progression was somewhat difficult to follow, there was considerable redundancy and a degree of confusion. However if the story is begun, it did offer enough of interest to urge one on in an attempt to see exactly where the story was headed.

3* For the devotee of philosophy; rating explained above.

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