ACCUMULATION ISBN: 9789082685909, Boonaca Industries, an e-book by buan boonaca.

This is a story following a period in the life of a modern young man who is satisfied to slide through a hedonistic existence until he begins to experience a strange and inexplicable physical change – an accumulation of tattoos gradually being acquired with no knowledge of their source or time of acquisition. The changes in his physical appearance result in immeasurable changes in his life’s patterns and lead to a search for the source. One seems to be offered by discovery of a long kept secret about his birth. This in turn, causes him gradually to decide to find his genetic grandfather and from there hopefully to begin to find answers to a question he has asked himself every morning as he has attempted to discover his real identity. And finally, he feels the need to inform former friends and family members and sends a message which is ignored or not understand by most: “I’m not Cam and I’m not Marcus. They were a habit and that habit has been broken. I was totally addicted to using collections of labels and memories as a me. I looked into the mirror and realized what was looking back was a shell built from pieces of the past…. I don’t know for sure what’s underneath, but it is what I have to find out.”

The author espouses no particular genre, probably it most nearly resembles an allegorical fantasy. It is written in a rather unorthodox rambling style with some amusing bits and some fanciful anatomical impossibilities. The main theme is a subject that most individuals may face sometime in their life. More usually, it is a question encountered earlier rather than later, but occasionally one may feel the necessity to ‘reboot’ at an older stage of life. So generally speaking, the book probably should have the greatest appeal for readers who still may be pondering what they want in life, the best way to obtain it, and then, are they really sure about their choice.

3* 4* possible allegorical fantasy genre designate (?) of interest to restive minds.

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