AFTERMATH Paperback ISBN: 9781681111124, Wasteland Press, A post-apocalyptic novel by Joe Reyes.

The plot follows the course taken by survivors of an unexpected bombing attack on the United States that has left the country in a chaotic state brutally fought over by warring ideological groups but ruled by none. The strong prey upon the weak who attempt to survive any way they can. Food is in short supply with starvation imminent. Towns are invaded, their inhabitants cannibalized, doctors embark regularly on ‘organ raids’ because their armies need organs to transplant and especially have a great need for blood to use for transfusions after each battle they engage in with an adversarial ‘army’. The plot is told from the standpoint of several individuals embracing various levels of good and evil and forced into relationships with individuals from the ‘other side’ of the conflict. Each individual protagonist pursues a particular path for self-gratification and one member on an understandable quest for revenge, can cause increased havoc for the entire situation. Each chapter is about the person for whom the chapter is captioned and repeated if again the subject of the chapter.

The author provides vivid descriptions of mayhem, deplorable acts, graphic blood and guts perpetrated by the types of individuals that would be encountered in a world without any legal or moral restraints. Also the activities resorted to by individuals with strong instincts for survival. In essence, it quite nicely portrays the type of material that increasing numbers of readers of the latest few generations enjoy. For the other readers not particularly enamored of such graphically portrayed activity this book is NOT for you. Similarly, those of a more pragmatic nature will shudder at the missing infrastructure even basically required to furnish the materials constantly employed by the characters.

Conclusion: Graphically depicted post-apocalyptic world, not for everyone.

3* 4* Post-apocalyptic story for newer generations; 2* for others described.

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