ALIBI Aficionado

ALIBI Aficionado, is the first in a new series of Edwin Burrows Mysteries by Harvey Church.

Plot: Edwin (not Ed, Eddie, Edmond or Edwina) Burrows is an accountant (CPA after two failed exams) and lower level employee at a prestigious accounting firm with hugely successful clients. He is given the task of finding an alibi for perhaps their most ‘regal’ client. Yannick Knight, the client, has a multi-million yearly income and a seemingly compulsory interest in pursuing young women. He is suspected of raping and killing a young college student who has been missing for two weeks. Loss of Knight’s account would be catastrophic to the firm. Unfortunately, Edwin is not exactly the best equipped for this assignment. He rather bumbles through life, is wrong more often than right, fails to think before he speaks or acts, often offering misplaced humor, his adored wife left him for another man only two years into the marriage, and he has no clue as to why. Additionally he has no knowledge of investigative methodology, in fact not even basic understanding of matters associated with it. Yet, he has been the one designated to discover a way to save Yannick and the situation. A host of similarly unusual characters affect his proceedings as he stumbles through the investigation that ultimately leads to an end that indicates more of the same will follow.

Discussion: The title of this book plus its dedication – Dedicated to the puerile – ‘tells it all’. Edwin is a likeable, incredibly naïve, mostly inept individual, completely without any investigative ability who somehow manages to accomplish the impossible during his often amusingly bumbling activities while pursuing his goal. Readers that enjoy mystery/romance (?) parody should love this.

5* For those who enjoy a well written mystery/romance (?) parody.

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