Amazon Echo Plus User Guide

Amazon Echo Plus User Guide, copyright and written by Tom Edwards & Jenna Edwards.

The authors state that in accord with the ballooning number of Smart Home appliances, the “Amazon Echo family of devices is still in their infancy” but already consist of Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Tap, Echo Spot, Echo Show and more. They explain that they have written this latest small volume ostensibly to provide a definitive guide for the user to become a “Newbie to Expert in 1 Hour”. The volume itself is stated to be “a comprehensive introduction and companion guide to the exciting possibilities that this all-new 2nd generation Echo Plus Bluetooth speaker and personal assistant has to offer.” And it does exactly that. It presents specifics of what it is, what it does and minute details from original set up to specifics of managing AND the multiple features that can be associated/added – huge numbers and varieties of music sources, radio stations, sports, news, home lighting, routines such as starting coffee and adjusting thermostats, shopping, alarms and reminders (time as well as activity), how to use both voice and manual commands and even how to control the “Smart Lights’. It also sets forth tips on what and how to investigate and decide if an available addition will be useful to you and how to delete additions. The authors freely admit that the material presented can be googled easily by anyone computer wise but that it is advanced principally to help anyone with lesser knowledge, although they suggest that those who are computer knowledgeable still will discover that the compilation will save a lot of time.

The authors add another most helpful feature. They cite the constantly changing atmosphere with appearance of new services, apps and media daily and admit that “staying on top of new developments is our job.” However, they offer a free monthly newsletter to “keep you abreast of the news” and additionally provide a list of Amazon Echo Plus customer support links.

Summary:  As a person who began using computers when they were called word processors but only added knowledge when personal usage needs demanded, this reviewer falls into the group of ‘not overly adept at employing numerous of the features offered by today’s electronic innovations’. For me and others in the same or similar predicament, the authors have provided material that is almost impossible to do without. And from this point of somewhat limited knowledge it would even seem that the aficionado might discover a few nuggets in this detailed presentation.

5* A must for the less computer wise; nuggets even for the aficionado.


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