Autonomous Vehicles

AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES is an e-book assumed to include publishing, copyright and preparation by C. D. Leonard.

The book opens with the usual disclaimer and introduction followed by discussion of most, if not all pertinent questions and factors with respect to the rise and anticipated advancement of this rapidly advancing technology. Specifically covered are: Technological Perspective, followed by Economic, Legal, Ethical, Environmental, Political, and Socio-cultural aspects. A conclusion and references, listed chapter by chapter, concludes the presentation.

Discussion: Little can be said about this volume other than offering a strong suggestion that the book be read in its entirety and then each reader come to his/her own conclusion. It is suggested that “the US economy alone will benefit from a $7 trillion by 2050 as a direct result of embracing autonomous technologies.” Simultaneously, it should be pointed out that “Since the dawn of the industrial age, a recurrent fear has been that technological change will spawn mass unemployment. Neoclassical economists predicted that this would not happen, because people would find other jobs, albeit possibly after a long period of painful adjustment. By and large, that prediction has proven to be correct.” When the reader has thoughtfully examined each perspective set forth by the author, it is up to you to decide what path you think will be followed? And as an amusing aside for those who remember the remarkable statement offered a relatively short time ago by a prominent political figure, it aptly applies with respect to your decision – “What difference does it make?”

5* Fascinating thought producer.

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