Awakening: Bloodline Book One

Awakening: Bloodline Book One
ISBN: 9780997674811, Eula Rae Printing & Publishing, an e-book by Tiera Rice.

NOTE: Before beginning even the Prologue, it is best for the prospective reader to go to the end of the book where a glossary of presumed Rumanian terms. Such pre-perusal is not mandatory because much of the meaning usually may be deduced, but it may be helpful.

A Prologue introduces a pregnant woman who, while sitting relaxed in 1996 San Francisco sees and speaks to a familiar figure approaching: “I’ve been expecting you Pazitor”. The figure responds: “You understand why I am here, Vrajitoare,” which she acknowledges and he continues: “We have avoided the affairs of the Strigoi for many centuries, but I have foreseen what destruction awaits us should we fail in this task.” And “We must do everything necessary to prevent that from happening – the Order of the Dragon must not gain control or all will be lost.” He gives her a vile of liquid which she swallows and gradually can “feel the Essence searching within her womb, becoming one with her unborn daughter.” She smiles and states “It is done.”

Plot: The story itself then begins in Braila, Wallachia in 1480 where the specially gifted young budding vampire Antanasia is introduced along with companions, friends and abundant foes. From here the tale alternates between her in this environment and Nadia who we meet first as an 18-year-old in 2015 New York City. Then, gradually revealed are the details of the ‘Awakening’ of a long dormant blood line within someone who is to save the world from falling into the grip of the devastating group mentioned in the prologue. Details are involved and complicated so best left for the reader to discover as they gradually unfold.

Discussion/Conclusion: The book is well written. Also, characters and their activity contain all of the elements required to flesh out a tale of witchery, sorcery and mysticism with miraculous powers in abundance and magical potions, rings, necklaces, widely employed and of course, vampires apparently stemming from the infamous Dracula. The actual evolution of the protagonist ‘awakening’ is protractedly presented with activity described as happening in NYC perhaps a little ‘over the top’, but no doubt acceptable to aficionados. Scenes entailing blood baths and quite specifically detailed methods of torture are in abundance. These latter also might be a little overpowering for some, although their simple abundance can be sufficient to dull a sensitive reader’s reaction. The often inconsistent effectiveness of specific magical powers may be a bit surprising, but also acceptable no doubt to the devotee of the genre.

4* for writing and no doubt enjoyable for the devotee.

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