Becoming The Wolf

Becoming The Wolf, A White Wolf Justice Thriller ISBN: 9780997952971, a novel in e-book by R. H. Neil.

The protagonist is JD Ward, a man who is haunted by the memory of his father being killed by a man attempting to carjack his truck as the boy was unable to stop the activity. Years later, with a desire to find the culprit and take revenge, he has become a police officer in a small depressed city close to Cincinnati, OH. To be a member, he must live within the city limits, so he moves with his childhood sweetheart wife and their two young children from his loved farm country. He rises to detective within a year because of his unusual abilities honed by those acquired while serving in a specialized division within the Army’s Special Forces. His activities rise quickly to highly dangerous proportions as he tangles with members of drug delivering waring motorcycle gangs, and with the local gang’s leader also on a vengeful mission. The story unfolds with escalating confrontations between JD with his Police Chief’s backing and help from an older partner and assorted other characters, versus some of the most monstrous of villainous characters, all associated with ever present danger to his wife and young children. The end of the story provides an easy entre to the next in the proposed series.

Critically speaking: the plot is an interesting use of the amalgamation of police and military training/equipment/tactics that reportedly seem to be increasingly applied to hostile street violence and gang activity; the pace is good for the most part; the characters are interesting; and the suspense is at a good level. In spite of these features, the book just misses because of ‘bogging down’ in areas where JD argues with himself extensively and often with his basic morality as to whether to intervene in situations that call for destroying an animalistic-like attacker on an innocent. The author, a former police officer, as a first-time author has done remarkably well. And as he states: “Is it all really fiction? Many of the scenes were inspired by real events that I encountered during my law enforcement career. I used those experiences to give a real look into the hopes, fears, and frustrations of a police officer. Being a husband and a parent made me a better cop, but being a cop caused serious challenges for my wife and kids. They overcame them all, making me a blessed man. Along with delivering an inspiring story, I hope I have humanized my profession in some ways. And honored my brothers and sisters in blue all across the nation.” Unfortunately again to speak somewhat critically, the tale may not have quite attained the actual ‘inspirational’ level, but certainly offers a great amount of ‘enlightenment’ in that he has quite beautifully set forth the dilemma so frequently faced by police – the need to perform brutal, even lethal action to save lives of the innocent as well as their own. At the same time he or she must justify such decisions in accord with their own moral beliefs and the manner in which such activity will be perceived by the average citizen who most regrettably, cannot have any understanding of the extent of savagery required. It is so similar to the revulsion so often expressed by the uninitiated when combatants need to double-tap a militant to assure an explosive vest or other is not detonated.

But to conclude, their are some ‘hiccups’ but many readers should enjoy this generally interesting thriller and it also might provide most helpful insightful thoughts for the seemingly sizeable number of un-understanding readers to contemplate.

3* 4* Enjoyable thriller for many; some ‘hiccups’ but insightful thoughts for the closed-minded.

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