Benny Gator

Benny Gator ISBN: 9780997933314, King Kahan Publishing, Blueberry Illustrations, a children’s e-book by Chrissie Kahan.

Story: Benny, a dog that was abandoned as a puppy, now is grown but suffers from the unusual need to open his mouth gator-like. The reaction is greatly exacerbated when the garbage collectors made their rounds and he has to do this to relieve a very uncomfortable feeling. His owners’ constant reaction to him is “Put those choppers away”. He wanted to be like other dogs but could not change. His owners were very observant and gradually began to think that maybe he actually was responding in this matter out of fear and/or anxiety. They checked the Internet, took him to a therapist and gradually were able to instill in him a simple method for changing his behavior.

Discussion: The author is an educator who has worked with children for thirteen years and has been an elementary educational assistant principle for the last eight. Frustrated with the manner in which children often are treated, she decided to attempt to produce a fun, meaningful book that would teach them how to better manage their fears and anxieties.

Conclusion: This well-illustrated little book should be a step in the right direction for providing help to children at this level, especially if it is accompanied by thoughtful personal relationship(s). Prospective readers should be aware that this book can be read ONLY on ‘CLOUD’ devices.

4* Helpful presentation especially accompanied by suggested ‘backup’.

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