Bite of a Vampire

Bite of a Vampire, Book 1, KT Publishing, a paranormal romance by Anna Belsky.

Emily Johnson, a PI employed by Jonesville Extramarital Affairs Investigative Services is tracking a woman whose husband believes she is cheating. After several weeks she finds the woman meeting a handsome stranger. They leave a posh restaurant and move into a deserted garage where they exchange passionate kisses. She begins taking pictures and suddenly discovers the man is biting the woman’s neck. Voices indicate the approach of some men, the attacker sees Emily and disappears. She falls, the men appear but can discover no one other than her and the other woman. The next day, she discovers that the man she photographed did not register in the picture and she realizes he was a vampire. She has frightening dreams, the vampire appears in her apartment even though it is on the 4th floor and all doors are locked, she meets him, is strangely attracted to him and discovers he is a ‘good’ vampire who does not kill his victims. However, another vampire who does is after her and he says he can offer protection. Mark, a handsome neighbor greatly attracted to Emily also enters her life as a potential lover and as a protector from a position that is only revealed to the reader later in the book. The story progresses as the ‘bad’ vampire stalks Emily and she, Mark and the ‘good’ vampire attempt to thwart the bad guy.

Discussion: A story that should satisfy those who enjoy vampire and similar paranormal romance tales but the book would greatly benefit from a more thorough proofing.

3* Interesting paranormal romance that requires proofing.

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