Blood of the Assissin

Blood of the Assassin Thrillex Publishing copyright and written by Bill Brewer.

This second book in the series has the protagonist David Diegert, son of an Ojibwa woman in northern Minnesota who is married to an abusive drug dealer with another son who is similar and favored by by the husband. Both males ridicule David with the father adding harsh abusive tactics as well. The collective effect of this activity on the young boy, plus the scorn accrued by the social unacceptability at that time of being a ‘half-breed’, is accepted but eventually leads him to become a Special Forces soldier and then a paid Assassin. Not only is he a professional, but is the best as determined by a serial rotation of combat to the death set up by the consortium by which he has been hired. The group, headed by a German living in palatial splendor in London prominently includes a Latin American representative, a prominent Chinese businessman and a well-connected American who together represent some 20 % of the world’s wealth. The consortium is named Crepusculous and their agenda is devaluation of the American dollar and to push their own digital currency with a common value throughout the world. Thus ultimately, all ‘local’ rates would be eliminated making the globe one common market and voilà, their Omni Sphere would make them THE one power in the world. The tale here describes action up to and including their decision to begin the process with a four step sequence of activity in which David is intimately involved. The associated characters provide various activities that both aid and hinder his assignments and distrust, betrayal, deceit and treachery are the normal way of life as he attempts even to remain alive while attempting to save his mother as well as the whole world.

Discussion: The plot is credible considering the chaotic state of today’s world, its people and politics. From rumors extant, the characters are acceptable as is their activity. The early pace is hi-octane as the consortium’s first two steps are initiated. Following this, the sequence slows rapidly as the political action, by its convoluted nature, pretty much begins to take over. Regrettably, for this reviewer at least, this rapid deceleration and seemingly probable extension into the next awaited volume in the series produced an annoying and unwelcome distraction to this otherwise enjoyable thriller.

3* 5* story with disappointing feature the author hopefully will correct.

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