The Seventh Guard: Destiny Expires

The Seventh Guard – Destiny Expires. This version of Paperback ISBN: 9781732450400 Copyright and written by Francis A. Halpin presents a fantasy sci/fi alien suspense tale in an e-book version.

The story centers around, Robert Lowden, who has only acquired his GED but appears to be extremely bright especially with computers. The only job he seems able to get is as a computer repairman at a local store selling electronics. He is able to retain the position as long as he does NOT converse with any of the store’s shoppers. He is rude to them completely lacking in social sense, never seems to be fully engaged but instead appears to live on the edge of reality. He has one friend, David, a well-educated individual on his way up the usual ladder to success and Jennifer, his similarly situated girlfriend, both of whom ‘see something of almost compelling interest’ in him. Robert becomes involved in numerous unusual and humorous as well as dangerous situations not the least of which is deciding a flashing light bulb in the store’s rest room is providing an alien code. He involves David with disastrous, but simultaneously rather amusing, results and the story gathers steam to advance to a most unusual, but logical conclusion.

Discussion: Entry into the story begins with a quote from Albert Einstein along with another by Stephen Hawking. Einstein: “Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, by forces over which we have no control. It is determined for the insect, as well as the star. Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.” Hawking: “I have noticed that even those who assert that everything is predestined and that we can change nothing about it still look both ways before they cross the street.” Combined they very nicely set the tone of the book. It is thought producing, yet humorous in many contrasting ways. It is a suspenseful alien thriller/mystery, yet provides slow moving areas that editing could correct. In all, the author has provided a fascinating tale of secret codes existing in commonly occurring phenomena surrounding us that should provide thoughtful moments for the alien theory devotee. Definitely a 4*- 5* for such readers and probably for computer addicts. Regrettably somewhat less for others.

4-5* for alien theory devotees, computer addicts; somewhat less for others.




Krakenscourge, a KDP publication is a sci-fi book copyright and written by John Graham.

Nexus is a trading hub whose haphazard manner of construction had begun centuries ago on the edge of a dead star system and now had grown into a huge hub for interplanetary commerce. As such, it is frequented by human as well as all types of, from a human perspective, weird members from throughout the galaxies. At the moment, another rip opens in the phantasmal realm of Q-space as a space ship enters Nexus space. It is a vessel far larger than normally encountered but does not appear to be proceeding normally. Scans exposed numerous large hull breaches and at least one reactor leak. Such a leak could lead to devastating results for anything close. Thus emergency procedures were enacted, the ship’s momentum halted at a safe distance and although further scans discovered damage that probably resulted in the death of the crew members, it was safe to sit where it was. Obviously the damage was the result of a deliberate attack and eventually one the crew members still alive uttered the word “Voidstalker” which was assumed to have been of the attacking force. Considering that this is the name of a genetically enhanced, believed force for good developed by the human Department of Naval Intelligence plus the fact that an unusual object, the container for the deadly alien ‘swarm’, had been taken from the vessel by one of the subsequent salvaging crews pirating the hulk, provides an intriguing introduction to this gradually developing story. It is a tale of space warfare, intrigue, deception, espionage and genetic maneuvering largely revolving around Gabriel Thorn and the DNI. This most successful and dependable Voidstalker of the DNI is married with children 8, 6, 4 and younger. The older ones also demonstrating evidence of genetic enhancement that begins to intensify his wife’s curiosity. Her resulting activity and somewhat increasing resentment cause her to add another dimension to the plot. Dr. Mortimer Shelton, a former research director directly responsible for Gabe is another prominent figure as is ‘Red-Eye’, DNI’s supreme director and other characters of various levels of importance make their appearance along with mysterious sources that disseminate various elements of knowledge beyond the intended level. The action frequently is at a high level as the protagonist fights to save humanity with his own life in constant jeopardy and the finale leaves the reader with a heightened anticipation of the next book in the series.

Conclusion: A fast paced sci-fi thriller that the devotee will appreciate.

5* Sci-fi thriller devotees will not want to miss.