The Maker

The Maker ISBN: 9780991800346, Underdog Books, written and copyright by D. F. Anderson.

Nate Smith is a young teen whose mother and father recently separated ostensibly because of his dad’s frequent absences from home. Ted, a man who is not particularly enamored of Nate’s artistic ability which consists of drawing rather weird figures, has replaced him in the mother’s affections. Unfortunately, Ted does not share the father’s appreciation for Nate’s drawing and says he can no longer do so until certain goals are reached. That night the boy is kidnapped by aliens who whisk him away to another planet. Here on Meer his drawing abilities are put to a test and he is discovered to be one of a rare breed of individuals who can make tangible objects merely by picturing and drawing them. This is a desperately needed accomplishment for the planet, because most of the planet’s objects have been designed/made by the ‘Makers’ and all but four of them have been kidnapped, brainwashed and put to work by another alien group, the Gratches and their leader, Vichous who are devising a diabolical machine. This ‘Worm’ can bore into the very core of Meer, destroying it. They already have destroyed the planet Vot, Meer is next and will be followed by Earth. Nate discovers that his father has been one of Meer’s very prominent Makers, which explains his frequent absences, and is one of those captured by the Gratches and therefore one of the most prominent in devising the Worm. The Aliens strike before they are totally prepared and they have merely an hour or two to stop the Worm from drilling into their core and devastating their planet. He, along with the Grand Scientist of Meer and the other Makers, begin desperate action to save Meer and then to follow with a very dangerous attack devised by Nate. Even further, Nate actually demonstrates an ability to actually communicate individually with the Mica, the molecular sized living elements that actually are the builders of the objects Makers draw and render useable. This is a feat previously unheard of by the inhabitants of Meer and through Nate’s incredible ability, they are able to accomplish the required task and the story continues until a conclusion is reached that provides plenty of room for additional adventures.

This is a most unusual tale written by a person with an enormous imagination. It gathers aspects of nature, science, good and bad aliens and elements of sci-fi and fancifully mixes them together. The result is an enchantingly written, delightful, action-packed amalgamation with charming characters that should have great appeal for all of its targeted teenage audience.

5* Delightful action-packed fantasy/sci-fi for targeted teenage audience.


INVASION ISBN: 9780996731645 Blackrose Press, a vampire, sci-fi story with alien elements by Roxanne Bland.

In a basic plot that involves several sub- or perhaps concurrently developing co-plots the story develops as follows: Kurt, the Vampire Master of Seattle, Parker, his alpha male werewolf pack leader and Garrett Larkin the powerful mage witch of the local Coven join together to perform a tryst to restore peace and stop the annihilation of the members of their aberrant type residing in the area. The spell they attempted did produce the desired effect. However, it did not work exactly as it should have and each had gained part of each other’s powers leaving each weakened in the powers called for in their positions. This was especially significant for Kurt who could be challenged in a winner-take-all struggle for his powerful position. Garett asks her mentor Feodor to help. Results are mixed and more attempts continue to be made. Simultaneously, Parker becomes enamored of Melera, who is from another planet and she is one who realizes that Mag Beloc, from still a different planet, has decided that earth will be the perfect place to set up his empire to run his nefarious enterprises. Additionally, the reader discovers that Kurt has ‘feelings’ for Parker, but also is involved with Garrett, who enjoys being the recessive in Dom situations; Parker is in an arrangement of necessity with his female wolf partner, who in turn is jealous of his relationship with Melera; Jealous Regents sense Kurt’s possible loss of powers and offer challenges; the intergalactic confrontation takes place; and eventually all of the plots and sub-/co-plots coalesce to form a fascinating whole.

At first glance an attempt to amalgamate into one entity so many seemingly widely diverse activities would seem an impossible task. Instead, the author has juggled these various complications together in a manner as magical as the activities indulged in by her characters. And she has presented them as being performed by surprisingly interestingly described characters. A fascinating read for anyone enjoying escape from reality.

5* Vampire/sci-fi/alien invasion story thoroughly enjoyable for reality escapees.