The Beckoning of Beguiling Things

The Beckoning of Beguiling Things Sumer McKenzie, Inc. an e-book copyright and written by Calinda B.

In this first book of a new sequence group, The Beckoning Series, Marissa Engles is in Las Vegas for a week-end with a dear friend and her two slightly older married sisters. Her sisters want her to ‘loosen up’ and enjoy a week-end fling while exercising some caution apropos secret instructions from a repressive aunt with whom she lived for some time after her parents met with a fatal airplane crash. Her close friend wants her to forget any restrictions. Marissa is a successful artist recovering from a disastrous break-up with her last boyfriend and really does not want to again be involved. However, without her knowledge, she is designated as part of a group of individuals who ‘keep the balance between good and evil within the world’. Her presence in Las Vegas actually is the result of maneuvering by this group for her to be impregnated with a special element that will ensure that she assumes her proper place within the activities of the group. The story continues as she meets a ‘surfer dude’ who teaches relaxation and also a male dancer at one of the Las Vegas clubs. It escalates with description of gradually increasing titillating activity. The finale provides a basis for the projected following episodes.

This is a fast moving, well written tale with interesting characters and an engaging fantasy plot that gradually increases in sexual involvement. This introductory volume projects interesting elements for sequential material.

5* Should have great appeal for this best-selling author’s readers.

Hunt for Harald’s Gold

Hunt for Harald’s Gold ISBN: 9780996657396, assumed published, copyright and written by Jack Dancer.

This book is sub-titled A Scottish DNA Love Story and appears in part to have some semblance to these elements. Ostensibly a group of twosomes has been gathered together who have been discovered to be DNA-matched lovers to journey to Scotland to search for a huge gold nugget that has been lost for centuries. The group’s leader is a physician specializing in DNA research who had spent time in Africa where she encountered strange characters who pop up later in the story while the couples are searching for the huge nugget. Simultaneously it seems that a large group of African school girls had been captured by Boko Haram, transferred to an evil woman doctor who dismembers them to sell body parts as requested, on the black-market. Her headquarters and laboratories are on the Isle of Skye. One of the recruited members of the DNA couples is Tucker, who is the designated partner of Billie, the DNA specialist leading the couples on the nugget search. The reader discovers that he has had a former encounter with the evil doctor that has left scars, in spite of being partially successful. The other group members are of varied backgrounds and many not what they supposedly represent. The body part suppliers and the gold hunters cross paths by design as we discover and the tale proceeds to no ending but rather this volume serves as a first installment for the next.

Discussion: On the good side, readers may find much of the book to be an amusing read with a mass of action contributing in a highly confusing manner. A caveat must be include however in that there is abundant, often irrelevant sexual activity and most graphic depiction of un-anesthetized anatomical destruction. Furthermore and regrettably, from this reviewer’s perspective, the author has written a totally confusing volume with a bizarre admixture of Scottish legend, the fairy world, romance, a bit of science, activity by an unusual transgender hero and many improbabilities typically found in the fantasy genre. It also apparently is the first in a series.

Summary: A multi-genre book for readers who enjoy zany tales and don’t mind reading serials.

3* 4* Multi-genre zany tale for devotees; others 3 – 2*.

Rula, The Heist

RULA, The Heist ISBN: 9781976968525, copyright and written by Nicole Parris.

The story opens when a young woman checks out of a cheap hotel on the fourth day of a dismal rain in London. Apropos instructions she had been given, it was late in the evening when she hires a taxi to be taken to a remote location. Supposedly her activity was being undertaken in an effort to right numerous wrongs. On the way, her cab is struck purposely and repeatedly by a car she assumes contains someone wishing to steal the contents of a small metal box she had been instructed to guard with her life. It was a box that held centuries of secrets and codes of Rula – a strange, ancient game whose secrets had been retained for centuries by one noble Italian family and had impacted society through the years in often evil and unexpected ways. Another car attempts to cut in but quite literally explodes just before the three cars arrive at a bridge crossing a sizeable stream. The original attacking car precedes them onto and across the nearing bridge and on the other side shoots out the taxi’s tires to stop the car. The attacking car’s driver then shoots the driver, and moves to open the passenger door where “trapped alone in the back seat, a part of Abby died with him. She relaxed. This was how she imagined her life would end – on the side of a dark road, alone at the mercy of ‘them’.” From this initial activity the reader is taken on a complex journey that begins in 1980 when the heir to the noble Italian family decides to acquire five new players to participate again in the ancient game. One of the players engaged is a prominent, intelligent and cunning magician who has an agenda of his own in playing. The ensuing action then shifts constantly through multiple scenes in London and others here in the U.S. and involves the now twenty-year-older magician, his henchman, a beautiful, spoiled, rebellious, wealthy young woman wishing to make her own way as an investigative reporter, the small paper’s owner, a male co-worker, a new husband who is the best friend of a man who also serves in the same capacity with her, her dominant father and several other interesting individuals.

Discussion: First and foremost, the author has provided a well-written, fascinating plot with most empathetically presented characters in a story that should offer various degrees of appeal to devotees of mystery, suspense, romance, thriller, for those enjoying erotica and even a bit of paranormal interest. The plot is complex, the main characters all exhibit varying degrees of mental ‘quirks’, some from obvious past occurrences while others are discerned as arising from other unknown factors. Most of the rather copious descriptions of places and activity appear to be justified with the particularly descriptive erotic activity, although well-done, appearing to be somewhat overly presented in that the quantity does not add appreciatively to the story. Further from this reviewer’s perspective, although some confusion occurs occasionally, most is eliminated as one progresses through the book, so there is really only one problematic feature for certain prospective readers – those who do not like being forced to read a serial. This volume introduces the reader ONLY to the first part of a story that seemingly will be extended through several episodes.

3* 5* fascinating plot, empathetically characterized. 3* important caveat.

The Scene

The Scene ISBN: 9780995792937 published, copyright and written by Mark Lakeram.

The plot begins as two boyhood acquaintances become mutually engaged in exploratory sexual activity for the first time while meeting on the continent where both families are on vacation. From this initiation, the story follows the two as they return to London and become immersed in the activities of, and with members of this alternative culture. The tale continues in a somewhat baffling manner involving some feminine acquaintances along with the community’s members pursuing their individual desires with repetitive sexual encounters and/or endless conversation with respect to it. The story is told from differing individual’s point of view in often fragmentary pieces and frequently is a bit confusing as to the identity of the individual.

Conclusion: An erotic alternative culture fictional tale that, from this reviewer’s perspective, requires considerable editing to provide any meaningful story, or even acceptably consistently readable book.

2* At best; Erotic alternative culture novel; under developed characters; poorly defined goals.

Beneath the Scars

Beneath the Scars ISBN: 9780999235706, Shalimar Press, an e-book by A. M. Carroll.

Lacey Burke, a product of a sordid early childhood of being shifted constantly from one foster home to another, now is a NYC police detective with a partner who is a very handsome, dominant, womanizer who equates well with everyone. The original plot purportedly is about her being haunted by a horrible dream that begins after sighting a strangely familiar man on the subway and subsequent activity involving this man who actually is stalking her. However, the tale also contains numerous other concurrent activities of police/criminal action as well as elements of mystery, a little suspense and an evolving romance. The story ends a little short of the first elements but satisfactorily for devotees of the romance genre and provides a beginning for further tales about the protagonist and her adventures.

Thus, this is not exactly the “fast-moving tale of suspense” reported in the introductory blurb. Some of the activity does deal with the “repressed memories” expressed. It also morphs into fundamentally a romance of sorts containing considerable “romantic tension” as reported. The less than enthusiastic term describing the romance results from the seeming concentration on repetitive explicit sexual activity and also slows when time is spent on the understandable difficulties Lacey has with respect to her partner Jason and his womanizing history. Additionally his strong dominance tendencies, as described, certainly would make one hesitant about a lasting ‘love’ situation because of the known dangerous levels to which such tendencies can escalate.

Conclusion: An erotically inclined romance with bits of mystery and suspense involving psychologically burdened individuals that should provide a pleasant read for many.

3* Erotically oriented, multi genre story no doubt of interest to many.

Curve Couture


Curve Couture, Royalty Publishing House, an e-book by H. M. Irving.

Plot: Claire Williams is the agent for her 4 year younger sister in the chaotic world of professional modelling. They are the only remaining members of the family and Claire has been ‘taking care of’ her younger sibling since she was twelve. The appearance is not the actual situation, however, because Janice is a completely ego-centric individual, vicious enough not only to survive, but advance to the top level in this cut throat business. Claire, although lovely, is totally insecure. She is more largely proportioned and always has been overshadowed by Janice who repeatedly has demonstrated distain for her in many ways, not the least of which is in the matter of boyfriends. In spite of Claire’s overabundant insecurity, she is noticed by top agent Eric Robinson, himself a former top model with whom Claire has been in love from afar since she was sixteen. They meet and he insists she become a model for a new plus size clothing line that is to be established and the reader is plunged into the frenetic life of clothing design, modelling and all of the intricate machinations entailed. From this introduction, the book’s sub-title “A Beautiful Romance”, develops and progresses to a conclusion that devotees of erotic romance no doubt will find enchanting.

Discussion: The author has nicely depicted much of the frenetic activity surrounding development and production of style shows and the people involved. She further has set a stage for, and developed, a better plot than many stories in the erotica genre. Specifically, it is different because more usually when the verbalization and accompanying sexual activity is of the quality employed here, the story line more usually is not particularly well designed and/or executed. Thus, in this reviewer’s opinion, if books in this genre appeal, you thoroughly will enjoy this one. A caveat in that the publisher admonishes: “Contains explicit language & adult themes suitable for ages 16+.”

5* For erotic romance aficionados