Constant Guests

Constant Guests
ISBN: 9789730209419, an e-book whose genre is difficult to delineate by Patricia Nedelea,

Plot: The story of Isa, a young woman’s quest for answers to questions originally searched for by her real mother, and to discover her real father. Her present mother, Victoria is the proper lady and her father, a crippled athlete but highly successful motivational speaker who ‘is never around’. Isa wants no part of refinement/education. Her fashion statement emphasizes the “rebel without a cause’ generational influence – green hair, ripped jeans, nondescript shoes and a T-shirt saying I am not a bitch, I am THE bitch. She has an abrasive personality, is constantly negative and disparaging those who provide help, has a brutal way of telling the truth, creates friendships which she drops for no reason and finally is left with no one to whom she can turn except Claude, a cyber guy. Then, she discovers that her most proper mother Victoria is NOT her birth mother but she is the daughter of Victoria’s sister, Mara whom she had been told was Aunt Mara, maintained alive but in a coma now for years after an automobile accident. Unexpectedly, after these many years, Mara regained consciousness and she was to be taken to see her. Mara dies while she is there, she is attacked by a masked man, saved through action by a young man, Mark Zweifer. She discovers a tarot card and embarks upon an extensive journey through much of Europe to finish her true mother’s quest and to discover the identity of her true father. It is a most convoluted journey involving many ‘twists’, an interesting thought with respect to the bible, extensive 14th century historical activity mingled with that of the present and an exhaustive history of, and search for the original tarot cards and their significance as related to the existence of an alternate world. The tale is replete with characters providing a wide range of activity.

Discussion/Conclusion: The author has provided a provocative tale of the increasingly popular theme of existence of an alternative/parallel world. Further, she has done so by using the results of some extensively researched material on tarot cards and weaving it into an engaging conjecture. She has made it happen through provision of a sizeable number of not particularly well characterized individuals who exhibit all levels of duplicity, deceit, subterfuge, cruelty and betrayal. Unfortunately, the ‘light’ characterization makes any attempt at empathy difficult to say the least. The genre is multiple – historical, occult, thriller. Thus, at least for this reviewer, better characterization and judicious editing would have greatly increased the level of pleasure in reading this plot-driven, well researched, provocative approach to the increasingly popular alternative/parallel world theme.

3* 5* Provocative alternative world plot; 3* reasons below in discussion/conclusion.

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