Decisive Critical Thinking

Decisive Critical Thinking, an e-book published, copyright and written by Kimiya Oshikoji.

The author has produced this small instructional self-help book “to help you learn how to think critically and improve your decision-making capabilities.” Specifically, she is aware that “One of the biggest problems is a difficulty in making the right decision and then sticking to it. This is indeed a multifaceted problem because knowing how to get to the right decision is one thing, but then putting that decision into action is a different ballgame altogether.” She then proceeds to examine the requirements and set forth step by step procedures to accomplish your mission. The entire procedure is presented in twelve chapters starting with the theory; definitions and examples of Deductive and Inductive Reasoning; the steps required in the Critical Thinking Process; steps to improve it. The basic process discussion is next, followed by analyses; several types of Decision-Making Models; Styles; Practical Ways to Strengthen Resolve and a final chapter providing suggestions to deal with the growing problem of how to critically deal with Fake News. At the end of each chapter, the author has thoughtfully provided a summary list of important features discussed in the chapter. A few Final Words terminate the lesson.

Discussion: This is another addition to the growing number of self-help books being provided today. And interestingly, there appears to be a growing segment of the population that welcome them to aid in coping with the rapid increase of activity offering ever increasing numbers of choices whether in business or pleasure. This small book provides some basically helpful suggestions in a quite simple, easily understood manner. It does appear that, probably to avoid criticism from a ‘knowing segment’, she has included some material not particularly helpful to the anticipated readers. Further as with most providers of similar material, there is considerable redundancy – definitely an effective tool for lectures but not particularly helpful when written. However, many struggling decision makers will find much they can absorb and successfully use from this discussion.

4* Helpful material for  anticipated audience.

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