Detention Land

Detention Land, Lip Service ISBN: ISBN: 9781483585956, an e-book by Susan Orion.

Plot: Simply and entirely the protagonist, Roger Prism’s explanations for, and his thoughts and discussions with the unknown and unseen woman behind a speaker during his seemingly everlasting sojourns in a detention room.

Discussion: Most readers will be impressed by the humor (frequently of an ‘indelicate’ nature) in which adolescents especially often indulge. This reviewer can concur. Several escapades will elicit more than a mere chuckle because the author has the ability to describe the evolving thoughts generated by the minds of these individuals, no doubt from her extensive educational training, interests and work with them. However, on another level, one cannot help but remember, if one is old enough to remember Jerry Lewis’ of the 60’s Martin & Lewis fame, or even more recently Trump’s, remarks with respect to a mental/physically compromised individual. And yes, Roger, although presented as of superior intelligence, also is severely compromised. Granted, there is only brief allusion to his physical problems – need for a neurological examination as a child, ‘duck feet’, and inability to function adequately as a participant in gym class and games. By contrast, the mental problems are blatantly and numerously provided. He has asthma, claustrophobia and hyperventilates to an unconscious state. His attention span is minimal, he conjures up spiders and distressing visions, has horrible dreams, is a ‘nail-biter’, self-loathing, uncomfortable with other people, arrogant and selfish. Some of the obvious causes for many of his problems are enumerated by his discussions with the unknown interrogator. His mother is neurotic, self-centered, and probably a hypochondriac. His father is dominant and seemingly uncaring. The unidentified interrogator, if supposedly a counselor, is a parody and assumedly provided purposely in this manner.

Conclusion: The author has provided a book that is well written from the standpoint of being able to depict the functioning’s of the juvenile mind. The humorous aspects are numerous and no doubt will appeal to many readers. Regrettably, this reviewer found Roger’s situation most distressing because these situations in varying degrees too often are encountered and extremely difficult to treat.

3* Well written, no doubt amusing for most; sad for this reviewer, as described

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