Do You Know The Advantages of Happiness?

Do You Know The Advantages of Happiness? 100 Ways to Live Healthier and Happier is a relatively short e-book by Emma Jones.

After a rather lengthy and rather extensively complete legal/medical disclaimer, introductory remarks explain that the reader is to be offered material “to brighten your day and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel”. A list of one hundred suggestions follow. They begin with emphasizing “the difference between materialism and success” and suggesting “random simple acts of kindness” and “enjoying what you have’. From here it progresses to simplifying your life, being more creative and “being yourself” and to a myriad of other ways of self-expression, learn to live what is going on in your life but attempt to change what is not compatible with it. All is to be accomplished without ignoring edicts consistent with good sense and the ‘feelings’ of other individuals. And above all, the reader is urged to discover or revisit ways to ‘have fun’.

Discussion: The author(s) [not sure because the listed author is Emma (female?) but one suggestion is offered by a male protagonist] have set forth some most interesting and worthwhile suggestions that readers no doubt will find most helpful and pertinent. Literarily speaking, regretfully there is considerable redundancy and repetition throughout the presentation and several suggestions that make a reader understand the importance of the opening extensive disclaimer. The overall presentation does offer many suggestions readers certainly could find most helpful, and an admonishment must be offered so the reader will not be affected by the same initial impression that occurred to this reviewer. The cover’s appearance, although understandably attempting to depict the joy of youthful participation, for some reason produced a momentary reaction that this was a children’s book. Don’t be deterred.

4* Flawed presentation of generally helpful suggestions.

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