Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32

Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32, TaleBlade Press, illustrations by Lenny Wen, copyright and written by B. C. R. Fegan.

The story opens with a strange figure leaning over a castle-like structure. He is Mr. Nickolas Noo welcoming the reader to the magical castle of Hoo. He states that he’s sure they will be happy in Room 1 and should feel free to “explore my hotel but whatever you do, don’t ever look behind door 32.” This is followed by the children moving from room to room with a description of what is in each room with constant admonishments “don’t ever look behind door 32”. Behind each door in turn are all matter of creatures including grumpy clowns, purple goblins, tea loving monsters, evil fairies, big-headed monkeys, “zombies who dance They’ll mend your shirts and help fix your pants” and even a room that has “nothing at all no roof, floor not even a wall”. Each room’s description is done in a simple rhyme and, as stated, repeatedly ends with the admonition “don’t ever look behind door 32.

The author and illustrator have combined to produce one of the more charming children’s books this reviewer has read. It stimulates the child’s interest and imagination by both word and picture and helps them to read and count in a very easy manner. Unfortunately, a very small font size has been employed, but is compensated for in part by the presentation of verbalization on each page in a repetitive ‘block’. Additionally, I should suggest that a hard copy would be preferable because many Kindles are restricted with respect to color – a matter that would seem quite important in presentation of this book.

Summary: This is a small book for young children that has been charmingly structured with adorable illustrations accompanying verbalization presented in a most enjoyable simple rhyming pattern that, in itself, adds another degree of appeal. A caveat is suggested for maximum enjoyment.

3* 5* charmingly produced children’s book; 3* to persuade reading suggestion to enhance enjoyment.

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