EPHAIDRIA ISBN: 9780998405810, an ‘other world’ novel copyright and written by James Grieco.

Scene/Plot: Four human principles become involved in problems evolving in the intergalactic world which consists of three individual realms. One is composed of matter and energy. The other two are non-physical dimensions composed entirely of energy – the upper one positive, the lower completely negative and can be thought of as similar to what humans think of as Hell. Ephaidria is the most developed planet in the cosmos and consists of eight civilizations which are being threatened by Zang who has managed to escape from the lower realm and teaching others how to escape has gathered a huge army that is attempting to overthrow the Ephaidrians after which Zang intends to ruin Earth as well. Much will depend upon whether he can get to Sibyl and obtain the four crowns she maintains before the Ephraidrians. They cannot do this themselves and require four specific Human Prins with special powers and they must bring them through the entryway at a very old Roanoke Park walled-up cave in the Kansas City area. The four humans required are: Joshua (Josh) Jaylee, a sixteen-year-old resident of suburban Kansas City, who instead of gaining a high from drugs has spent hours becoming an incredible gamer. His strategic mind is unmatched in innumerable warfare games and is aided by a unique ability to sense an activity or movement before it actually occurs. Nicole Rauveur (18 yr. old Nicki) unparalleled musical aptitude Parisian violinist who tragically lost her mother at ten to a house fire which she escaped. Her researcher father moves them to the US to accept an offer because of his breakthrough in Nanomedicine. They now live in Kirkland, NY and after a drive to Syracuse to participate in an evening concert, she goes to sleep and has a horrifying dream where she is dragged into the ground. The reader discovers she has prophetic dreams, is clairvoyant, has second sight and may even be able to ‘change history’. Fifteen-year-old Suki Odayajka is a world class gymnast who after a perfect performance falls into a swoon where she hears her great grandma’s (Nyoko) voice “Try not to be frightened. He feeds on your fear.” She also has the ability to heal peoples’ injuries. Tahani Jakande, handsome, muscular, highly intelligent South African who is at NEO Cosmological Observatory as an intern after finishing his 1st year at Mass Conservatory of Astrophysics. He always believed there was life beyond our world and now is here making a startling discovery. He sees an object travelling at ¼ the speed of light (84,000 kilometers/second). If in fifteen minutes it hits earth, it can destroy a huge city of if landing in the ocean can cause a massive tsunami. Remarkably as it approaches it slows down so it is directed by something intelligent. Then suddenly, it vanishes. The tale proceeds as the four humans are gathered together at the cave, transported through the solid brick wall, transferred to Ephaidria where their metabolism is altered and they are mentally and quickly provided with the nine languages they will be required to use and prepared to aid their new intergalactic friends in the struggle to save their world as well as their earthen home.

Discussion: The author has provided a rather complicated story with a large number of places and characters of varying importance to the plot which, as described above, actually is only the basic story. In the author’s own words, one amusing from the young Josh, the other by the ancient prophet: “The creature we have to fight is possessed by a pissed off ghost, who cooked up a crown that makes him super- powerful…” And from antiquity: “Only four human Prin shall bend the face of time and enter the Sibyl’s sanctum. The righteous shall receive the great Starbrands, wielding their might with tempered hands, driving the escaped Drarbune souls back into the depths of Drar.”

Conclusion: The author’s imaginative themes and use of rich fantasy no doubt will enthrall readers that thrive on such wide ranging epic galactic tales of good versus evil. If you are one of these individuals, this one’s definitely for you.

5* For readers enthralled by original imaginative themes, rich fantasy.

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