A Matti James Mystery in e-book by M. A. R. Unger.

Plot/Characters: Matti James is a special reconstruction artist attached to the Coroner’s Office in the town of Henderson and intimately friendly with Jack Wagner. He, a coroner’s assistant, must investigate a possible death at a strange fire pit of sorts that has been seen from the upper trail in the wild canyon region. He asks her to accompany him and also requests that she bring her dog that has particular assets. It is a difficult hike but she is accomplished in the sport and agrees. They discover a skull with a RR spike driven through the jaws that is suspended on a pole in the middle of a particularly unusually arranged fire pit. They retrieve the skull, turn it in and discover they must be examined for radioactivity because of the RR spike. From this point a complicated plot evolves as an attempt is made to inflict radioactive suffering upon a huge mass of individuals to make the world aware of the perils of nuclear power. Involved is much of the Las Vegas area, persons associated with the Chernobyl disaster, the Piute Indian Tribe, FBI, members of a Wicca coven, now retired members of the Mafia, Matti’s Inbetweener (Ghost-type) buddie Abby, her Foothills Canyons Detective Agency companions, the U. S. President briefly and a number of individuals of, and/or with, indeterminate association(s).

Discussion: This is a pleasantly written, heavily convoluted mystery about a protagonist whose adventures assumedly are well-known from former volumes. The story moves well and although not providing answers to several questions, presents an interesting tale that, except for activity of a couple of strange ‘Inbetweeners’, for the most part, delicately tip-toes around and within the bounds of credibility.

4* Interesting and involved mystery story enjoyably written.

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