Federal Prison Handbook

Federal Prison Handbook ISBN: 9780991330225, Middle Street Publishing, by Christopher Zoukis.

This amazing book is subtitled “The Definitive Guide to Survive the Federal Bureau of Prisons” and offers exactly that. The 522 pages (8000+ locations with a larger Font in e-book) provide a mass of detailed and highly pertinent information which quite literally is required to survive, both mentally and physically, a stint within this penal system. The presentation consists of 10 Parts, each containing several chapters, 11 Appendences and a short note about the author. Part I presents an Overview of the system that includes pertinent facts about the FBOP, its security levels, administration and population characteristics of both staff and inmates. Part II describes Arrival and Orientation details beginning with the inmate’s entrance to the bus/van that will carry him/her to the first of probably several transfers. Part III describes every aspect of Prison Life from individual designation and classification, through work assignments, and the many facets of inmate economy. IV presents all aspects of Medical/psychological Care including staff identification and duties and provides details with respect to the actual levels of care that range from simplest procedures to those dealing with end-of-life. Included are aspects of sex offender programs, transgender situations and communicable diseases. Part V discusses rules/regulations for Contact with the Outside and the most workable procedures. Part VI presents features of Personal Development and discusses educational possibilities, entertainment, recreation and religious elements. Part VII is quite lengthy and describes in minute detail the Disciplinary Program. Part VIII discusses the intricacies of Legal Activity. Part IX describes Prison Culture centering on how to avoid fights, all aspects of gangs, vices, and rather interesting notations about tattoos and some other aspects. Finally Part X discusses Preparing for Life Outside. The appendices provide specific addresses, directions and other necessary details.

Discussion: The author is a long-time penal institution resident who has gained a BA in Business/Law, is studying for his MBA and upon release expects to obtain his Law Degree. He is an award winning writer and this book well demonstrates the fact. It is authoritatively written, well foot noted and referenced and would appear to be a must read for any individual facing incarceration (the “Tips” alone that are offered throughout the book are priceless). No doubt this material would be of great help to his/her family/close friends as well.

5* Authoritatively provided, easily understood, essential for targeted audience.

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