Fixin’ To Die (1)

ISBN: 9781635110401, Henery Press, a Kenni Lowry Mystery Series presented here in e-book by Tonya Kappes.

Plot/Characters: Kendrick (Kenni’) Lowry is the elected Sheriff of Cottonwood, Kentucky, a small, sleepy town in which everyone knows everyone and their business. She had majored in judicial/criminal investigation and assumed the job, against her mother’s wishes, after the long-time sheriff, her adored father, had passed away. She is awakened in the morning by her office “calling all units”, really unnecessary because she was the only unit since the lone deputy had retired. Anyway, she reported that Ronald Walton, the town’s old doctor, was dead seemingly murdered. Shortly thereafter, she is called again about a break-in at the town’s jewelry store. From this auspicious beginning the reader is taken on a variously paced ride through the town and surrounding environs, it’s surprisingly many hidden elements and the people involved to greater and lesser extents. Included among the characters are Finn Vincent, a Kentucky State Reserve officer assigned to help, Wyatt Granger, the county jailer, longtime resident Sterling Stinnett, Edna Easterly, the town reporter, mobile café owner Jerel Fisher, Lulu McClain, owner of a boutique of the same name and troublemaker, Camille Shively, M.D. the new doctor in town (who had argued bitterly with Walton), town dentist Beverly Houston, Toots Buford who had worked for Walton and was fired, Polly Parker, and her parents, Chance Ryland the town’s mayor and others of lesser importance in solving this heinous crime and the jewelry robbery as well. AND most prominently, Kenni’s dad who returns in his ghostly form to aid his beloved daughter.

Discussion: The author has devised a plot that is unique, has some interesting twists, and depicts quite knowledgeably a small town and its people in an engaging manner that will bring smiles to readers who ever have experienced such an environment. For those who enjoy mysteries with a touch of the occult and ‘a ‘homey’ setting, this book especially is for you. Readers who prefer the more usually ‘structured’ mystery where obvious clues are not ignored/missed and protocol is followed probably will not enjoy.

3*                      5* For devotees of ‘homey’ mysteries featuring the occult; 3* for traditionalists.


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