Flawed Justice

Flawed Justice ISBN: 9781975882136 a mystery/romance copyright and written by Peter Shianna.

The reader is introduced to Jason Ferris, a forty-year-old man whose exact position within the church is debatable. After some ten years serving as a priest he no longer functions in this capacity. Instead, he serves as a teacher mostly of the 3 “R’s” to lesser educated individuals incarcerated for various nefarious activities. He has one friend, his immediate superior, lives frugally in the small facilities provided and has little use for modern technology but retains rudimentary familiarity. As the story begins to unfold the reader gradually learns, at least in part, the reason for the checkered theological history. Then, further acceleration is provided to the plot when he receives an e-mail from Cari, the teen-age neighbor with whom he had been in love. She is forty-one, now unmarried, still beautiful but with monstrous demons of her own. With time, the two rejoin, establish an unusual relationship that limps along until suddenly another element is added. Jason begins to receive mysterious anonymous messages. As their frequency increases, their content also gradually evokes memories of specific activity during these teen years, activity that only could be known to someone involved. This stimulus leads to increased subsequent action by Jason and Cari with respect to these missives as well as the direction of their own interpersonal relationship and all gradually coalesce to form a most riveting conclusion. Provision of pertinent details will not be supplied because this quite definitely would be a disservice to the prospective reader.

Discussion: In this “able to stand alone’ follow-up volume to his preceding Imperfect Acts, the author once again has provided a fast paced tale of mystery and suspense. Additionally, he has quite nicely and credibly described the mental machinations of individuals who are carrying extremely heavy psychological burdens. But perhaps even more captivating is the fact that the author has had the temerity to describe and discuss a subject so often avoided; viz. the often miscarriage of justice in the system’s mandatory protocol.

5* Another tense, fast-paced and compelling tale by Peter Shianna.

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