Forget me not, American Crow


Forget-me-not, AMERICAN CROW, assumed published, copyright and written by Shara B. Allen.

This is a strange and rather difficult to read, but interesting book. It is difficult to read because of its configuration in split and attenuated words that frequently make assimilation of the author’s meaning difficult to discern or at least requires after thought to acquire. It is particularly interesting however, because immediately it brings to mind Hebert specifically and other Elizabethan and seventeenth century poets. Poets popular in this period not infrequently indulged in presenting poetical thoughts in unusual forms, e.g. the form of a cross, a capitol I, hour glass or other. Thus, from this reader’s perspective, the poems presented here are fascinating because the author admits to not being a traditional author but “writes her books in poetry format”. But further, she is a veteran U.S. Army animal technician who “writes about love, nature, animals and mental health” with completed course work in all appropriate subjects. “She used her educational background to describe and illustrate symptoms of mental disorders that patients like herself deal with on an everyday basis in hopes to spread awareness.” So to reiterate, the thought of an author with no indication of familiarity with the works of these poets providing such unusual formatted poetry indeed is most intriguing.

4* Difficult but fascinating as described.

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