Go Slow to Grow Fast

Go Slow to Grow Fast ISBN: 9781946633477. Forbes Books copyright and written by Brent R. Tilson.

The author opens with an introduction explaining his early moves and development as an entrepreneur, his early positions and final decision to proceed with his own entrepreneurial activity. Specifically his activity is aiding big business owners to avoid the trap suffered by so many. According to an MIT study, 1 in every 4 high growth businesses fail within 6 years and one of the most important affects actually, the company’s largest investment item, the employees. Frequently in fast growing companies a culture clash occurs between seasoned and new employees. Here, a way to avoid this difficulty is presented along with precise ways of avoiding and/or remedying the other numerous problems resulting from growing too big too fast.

The material is presented in eight chapters using driving an automobile and problems encountered therewith as a template for comparison. Chapter 1 is Losing Traction followed by Slipping out of gear, Overheating, Into the Garage, Shifting the Operations Gear, Shifting the People Gear and Driving and Thriving.

Discussion: Some of the many problems encountered will be familiar to individuals running ‘big’ businesses. For each of these the author provides a workable answer. Included among them, besides moral and decrease in average tenure of employees, are such matters as loss of a major client, operational weaknesses, weak performance management practices and more. There are a growing number of books dealing with business problems today. All seem to offer large amounts of helpful suggestions. This is the first I have read that targets that specific group of businesses, and there seem to be a growing number, that have experienced rapid growth. This would appear to be required reading for such an audience before the problems encountered become too big and disaster sets in. Parenthetically, the closing statement by the author regrettably may not ‘set too well’ with some readers. However, this reviewer was particularly impressed with the author’s final statement. He graciously acknowledges numerous individuals who have been helpful in his obviously successful career and has the commendable temerity to end with “Finally, I am thankful to be covered by the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ, without him I am nothing.”

5* Especially for targeted group.




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