Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking ISBN: 9781619615328, an e-book by Raymond Fong and Chad Ridderson.

The authors are two highly successful marketing/consulting specialists (“Growth Hackers”) who have aided numerous companies to expand to the multimillion dollar level. They now have put together their expertise to provide an “Automated Sales Processing (ASPTM)” program that provides “a clear framework for you to organize and prioritize the growth tactics used by others such as Dropbox, PayPal, Hotmail and others” to grow your business if not to these exalted heights, to at least its maximum potential. It is not “classroom material”. Instead, it is the simple implementation of time honored marketing strategies but from the point of changing one’s mindset about them. The result will allow one to be creative in engineering new ways of achieving the same results as these traditional channels but in a manner that will reduce the “high expense and slow timeline of results.” The authors also state that large amounts of technological knowledge are not required and actually may, in some ways be detrimental because “without its constraints you can think outside the box’. Within the body of their proposal they first explain in an ‘overall’ manner how to establish the automated process. Then follows explanative chapters on its elements and how to employ them – Attraction, First Impression, Engage & Educate, Follow-up, Sales and technology, and Referrals & Retention. Each chapter has a highlighted summary of important ‘takeaway’ notes and there is a finalizing Conclusion chapter.

Discussion: The authors provide a host of pertinent ideas for start-up and/or expansion in a manner that can be helpful to anyone who is desirous of advancing his/her business. Caution and a possible need for consultation is suggested for the individual just initiating the “think outside the box” mantra.

5* Innovative presentation with a caveat.

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