Henry and the Hidden Treasure

Henry and the Hidden Treasure, Taleblade Press, a book for small children by B. C. R Fegan with Illustrations by Lenny Wen,

This is a simply and charmingly told story of Henry who is a little boy with seemingly endless imagination much of which he uses in thinking how to keep his treasure box from his little sister. The tale moves quickly through his attempts and teaches several lessons as it progresses – think about what you are doing; don’t make decisions too quickly, listen to parents’ advice, respect your sibling(s) and be nice. The mechanics are well done – there are few word per page (quite important for small children’s attention span), the illustrations most adeptly depict the child’s tremendous flights of fantasy and the final ‘twist’ is delightful. The effectiveness of the illustrations would seem to be greatly enhanced by the addition of color, which I assume is present in hard copy. It is strongly recommended that the prospective purchaser obtain a hard copy volume. Regrettably, the e-book version reviewed was black and white, difficultly oriented and with a small font uncomfortable for reading.

3* 5* Charmingly presented small children’s’ book; 3* strictly for important caveat.

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