HIDDEN MAGIC ISBN: 9781524678371, Authorhouse, UK. A children’s fantasy in e-book by N. D. Rabin.

The storyline follows James, Jenna and their three children as they are forced to leave their home because their whereabouts have been discovered by a group whose mission is to destroy them. They quickly transport themselves to Peru where we gradually learn that James and Jenna are wizards, and that the Darwinian Corporation is the organization attempting to gain certain powers their children have. It seems that all three are the offspring of the original Gods of Olympus. Thus with their control, they can extend even further their all-controlling power throughout the world – a control that does not auger well since there is much evil in the control they now have. We discover that James is a Warrior Wizard, Jenna a Protector, and that the children will be of still higher positions after their ‘Dawn’ occurs. Extensive activity ensues with cyclops and others gaining tremendous size and power to combat evil forces and Centaurs, Unicorns, two-headed monsters, the Greek Minotaur and other mythical creatures partaking of the activity that also involves magical spells, potions, magical shields, conjurors at work and more.

The author has provided a story that moves well, characters that generate excellent empathy, nicely portrayed battle scenes and interesting illustrations. This is a fantasy that should have great appeal to younger children and one that parents should enjoy reading to them.

5* A fantasy that should appeal to young children and parents can enjoy reading to them.

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