How to Calm Down

A Guide on how to CALM DOWN ISBN: 9781951028107 Absolute Author Publishing copyright and written by C. J. Kruse.  (Possibly Caleb Kruse to download.)

The book’s title also admonishes one to do “Quickly Effectively before you do or say something stupid.” The format is a presentation of 14 individual chapters and a conclusion that take the reader from an explanation and discussion of “what it means to be worked up” through various causes leading up to the condition followed by proposal of numerous mental and physical activities to rectify the situation. Much emphasis is placed on introspection and self-analysis in evaluating the factors most effective for your individual case and decisions which must be made with respect to how best to employ them for their greatest effect.

Discussion: The author states that he is “a father, husband, musician and writer of self-help books, and Christian non-fiction books”. His style is laid back and unaffected, occasionally humorous, thus a manner of presentation that can be quite effective, especially with his re-emphasis on certain features. Additionally, individual helpful lists are provided. In summary, this is a self-help book that should appeal to a sizeable group of readers.

5*A self-help book that should appeal to a sizeable number of readers.

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