Incision Decisions

Incision Decisions ISBN: 9780692832547, Linland Press isA guide to getting through surgery, recovery and your hospital stay” in e-book by Kaye Newton.

The author is a survivor of two major surgeries, one scheduled, the other more of an emergency. From these experiences she has provided ten chapters that quite literally address every conceivable question and activity to be encountered. Just a few of the many subjects quite thoroughly covered are how and where to look for the best surgeon and hospital for your particular type of procedure, “lining up help” for activities that must now be accomplished by others, organizing your health information, suggestions to properly prepare your mind and body for surgery, what to expect and decisions to be made during your hospital stay and recovery periods both within the hospital and subsequently at home and finally, the many considerations required for resuming your life. Suggestions for preparation of drug and recovery charts are included along with lists of helpful medical websites to peruse not only for physicians/hospitals, but for care giving services and others, even “Crowd Funding Services” are provided as possible sources if financial help is required. An extensive menu of easily prepared meals also is included as are suggestions how to have one’s children cared for during the patient’s absence, and a useful listing of terminology generally employed by hospital staff can be most helpful to the otherwise uninitiated. Several pages of footnotes also are appended for the subscripted numbers appearing in the body of the text for further explanation, if needed.

Conclusion: The author has provided answers to just about every conceivable question a prospective surgery patient might have and done so in a very simple easily understood manner. Highly recommended.

5* Highly recommended for prospective surgery patients.

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