Inflatable Pontoon Boating Fundamentals

Inflatable Pontoon Boating Fundamentals ISBN: 9781534958708, eBooks2go & Gantec Publishing Solutions by T. E. Lewis.

The book opens with a short dedicatory statement containing a disclaimer of sorts and follows with pertinent serious questions to ask oneself before embarking on a trip. Next an Introduction is offered with respect to the need for, and establishment of an interactive safety “program for anglers or water recreationists who use one-person pontoon boats”. The need is great because items/attitudes basically necessary for survival so easily can be overlooked or not even thought of by the initiate. The author provides numerous important suggestions ranging from the simple matter of remembering to check the psi of a secured boat when packed for trailing through the mountains (if the psi changes sufficiently and packing does not account for this, or is not checked regularly, it simply can be lost), to descriptions of situations that are life threatening. Further admonishments are advanced to never launch before asking oneself “Am I self-rescue ready?” and to be sure to pay strict attention to the boat manufacturer’s recommendations and ratings for their boats AND to the river classifications with respect to technical difficulty associated with each particular river and/or section. (International Scale of River Difficulty.) Combined, one discovers Class I boats are for mild section water which includes fast movement, small waves, riffles and fewer obstacles. Class II, for rougher, or increased level of activities, Class III and even higher for ‘whitewater’ conditions. Also it is imperative to remember that rapid change in conditions is the one thing that can be counted upon in dealing with nature and is particularly prevalent from season to season. This is just some of the important material offered but seemingly of particular importance in this reader’s opinion are; “Am I self-rescue ready”; Anytime ‘line-of-sight’ is blocked (river bend), stop and check it out; “General rule of thumb is to point the inflatable pontoon boat at the potential hazard and row away into a clear/safe area while the river current carries you past”; and another this reviewer would strongly endorse from years personally spent navigating blue water as well as rivers, ALWAYS RESPECT THE WATER! Almost instantaneous development of disastrous situations is always imminent.

5* Critically important information for the prospective Pontoon Boater.

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