Just Juliet

Just Juliet, published by Inkitt, the Hipster’s Library, an e-book by Charlotte Reagan.

Plot: The story line simply follows a group of young people as they move through their lives and relationships during their high school years with eventual dispersal to various colleges and slightly beyond. The actual school time activities are presented quite superficially with more prominent concentration on those of a social or inter-relational nature. The reason unfolds quite quickly when the reader discovers that the main theme is to follow the evolution of the main protagonist, Lena, into an individual with active bi-/homosexuality. The story examines the feelings and activities of this individual as she becomes entangled with a young woman, Juliet, who has a most unusual and understanding family. It details the evolving relationship with her, Juliet’s family, Lena’s own family and with her heterosexual friends and acquaintances and progresses to build ultimately to a most interesting conclusion.

Discussion: The author has provided, perhaps somewhat surprisingly in fictional form, a rather thoughtful and seemingly knowledgeable account of a period of transition faced by an individual who cannot feel happy in the conventional male/female relationship. It presents the fears, anxieties, extensive soul-searching and embarrassments encountered in the often lengthy, lonely and always highly distressful trip in order hopefully, to attain periods of mental/physical satisfaction, a sense of belonging and ‘true love’. Unfortunately, it mentions only minimally the down side of the often highly discriminatory activity such individuals still encounter.

3* 4*Well-written partial primer on bi-/homosexuality; 3* or less if not interested.


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