Last Goodbye

Last Goodbye, Bookouture, is the first book in a murder mystery thriller series featuring Detectives Eli Quinn and Roxy Malloy by Arlene Hunt.

The book opens with a loving young couple being observed on the street by ‘the wolf’ whose thoughts the author provide depict as being an individual with distinctly ‘not normal’ thought processes”. This opening is followed quickly with description of a brutal murder scene that brings newly upgraded Provisional Sargent Roxy Malloy of the homicide division to the scene. Shortly, another murder under investigation by Inspector Eli Quinn and Sargent Miranda Lynn is noted with many similarities. Malloy is told she no longer has ‘her first case’. She prevails upon Inspector Quinn to join his team and from this initial meeting, the story develops into a convoluted pattern of rather large proportions and involving a plethora of interesting characters, many with intriguing backgrounds.

Discussion: An unusual and quite complicated plot driven story set in Ireland that involves a host of characters about many of whom fascinating, although scant details are provided. However, the tale is woven in a manner sufficiently captivating and with just enough detail so as to be able to overlook this feature that if expanded, would have enhanced the enjoyment, at least for this reader. The developing relationship between Quinn who has been around long enough to accept and ‘live with’ the system and Malloy whose brash but stringent approach to the law he recognizes and believes change might be imminent portends the beginning of a fascinating series.

4* Captivating plot-driven murder mystery thriller.

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