Life Unleashed



Life Unleashed, The quiet evolution. Published, copyright by Surging Life, written by Stephan Frost.

This little volume presents “4 Incredibly Simple Techniques That Expand Your Mindpower Exponentially And Transform Your Ability To Manifest The Life You Desire.” The techniques specifically are listed late in the book: “1) Reframing – Shifting Your Focus. II) Zen meditation – Empowering Emptiness. III) Ho’oponopono – Cleansing Your Life. IV) Visualization.” Leading up to the listing of these steps are a large number of individually listed explanations of how one uses them to help “you change your life and become empowered, your altered state enhances the world around you. And that is a beautiful thing.” The presentation begins with a Prologue to this “Life Changing Empowerment” and an Introduction presenting “The First Steps to Unleashing Your Mind” and gradually progresses with the explanations and suggestions through to an “Epilogue and Mathematical Proof to Drive You Forward.”

Discussion: The basic theme of this book purports to explain the importance of reaching a point of ‘mental emptiness’ that provides the ideal place to begin to implant seeds that will mature to fruition as your greatest desires. Meditation is suggested as the most effective way of achieving this state. One particular school of Zen is believed to be best when combined with Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian version of meditation. The message delivered by the author is a powerfully and repetitively expressed call for development of absolute positive thinking, as well as at least some level of dedication on the part of the participant – the greater the amount, the greater the results. This material should be highly motivational for any reader who requires such a stimulus. Regrettably however, a reader gains the impression that implementing the procedures by ‘self-help’ alone, would be quite difficult. Thus, a mentor’s close attendance in managing the techniques set forth would be almost mandatory. As a perhaps unnecessary aside, readers for whom a certain level of proper verbal presentation is expected (e.g. sentence and paragraph construction and similar), occasionally may be somewhat annoyed while reading the book.

3* 4* for strong endorsement of positive thinking; -1 for self-help restrictions.

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