Loose Threads

Loose Threads: Cool Assassins in ISBN: 9780994070807 Creator/Distributor: Psignologic Services copyright written by J. O. Quantaman.

This story follows a number of members of the “Cool Assassins Series” – Cool Assassins 1. Hot Wheels: Cool Assassins 2 (in 2019. Soar Down: Cool Assassins 1 & 2 (in 2019)’ with a Cast List of members of the Dog Breakfast Co-op, an organization composed of seemingly well-trained martial arts specialists established to fight underworld organizations such as the Japanese Yakuza; Mishima Security members for the area, and others. The world described is an intergalactic one containing earth, as well as other parts of the all-encompassing universe. The story opens with a young girl, Jenna Marov whose love of adventure and amazing acrobatic ability leads her to a professional life as an aerialist and fearing burn-out, a move to Kuala Lumpur 17 years later. However, the main plot centers on Nyssa Person, a teen enticed into acting but eventually arriving under the control of a powerful Yakuza overlord from whom she escapes with aid from the Dog Breakfast Co-op, which as described above, but also is a well-organized training facility producing assassins loosed upon members of organizations such as the one from which she had been rescued. She joins the Co-op and begins training and continues for several months before earning an R&R trip to the nearby metropolis, TCP, a large city complex, with its residents and/or workers, endless shops and entertainment. Here she becomes involved with several ensuing adventures. In a somewhat unexpected manner, the reader encounters a second plot that one eventually learns involves Nyssa, in ninja-like activity that seemingly occurs a few years later. The tale continues with more varied activity.

Discussion: This is a sci-fi story set in 2073 and years following. It is a tale that no doubt will find readers who are devotees of the genre who will enjoy the tale as long as they understand that sexual innuendo and/or activity, whether intersexual or within the same sex and loose language are basic to the presentation. There also are numerous ‘new’ words for which the author has furnished a glossary. Regrettably, this reader found that although several of the characters were interestingly described, as well as some of the scenes, the action and individuals involved were combined in a quite confusing manner that provided frustrating moments that detracted greatly from any flow of enjoyment.

3* or less for this reader who prefers to enjoy rather than search for clarity.

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