MEDITATION for Beginners

MEDITATION for Beginners, a book copyright and written by Tony Smith.

The sub-title indicates that the objective of the book ostensibly is to provide the basics of the practice of meditation so the interested reader can discover “How to Find Inner Peace and True Happiness.” The contents include a disclaimer, an Introduction, ten individual chapters, a conclusion and a few Inspirational Quotes. Specifics: Introduction – a brief overview of content; Chapter 1 – History of Meditation as a Religious Practice – Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism. Islam, Christian and how Meditation became a secular practice. Chapter 2 – Health Benefits from the Practice to restore and/or maintain existing physical, mental and emotional ‘health’ with some details on activity of immune response, emotions, inflammation and even some specifics on such as Norepinephrine, Serotonin and others. Chapter 3 – Science of Meditation. #4 – Misconceptions about. #5 – Emotional, Mental and Physical Preparations to begin. Chapter 6 – Types of Meditation (simplest); #7 – Mantra Meditation; #8 – with visualization; #9 – other forms. Chapter 10 – Turning it into a habit. Conclusion – a summary. Inspirational quotes from several prominent practitioners and a list of other books by the same author conclude the presentation

Discussion: The author has presented the essentials of meditation for the neophyte and suggestions of how to begin to employ them. The presentation is straightforward and in a manner that any interested neophyte easily may understand. Portions are almost too simplistic and there is considerable repetition. However, the manner is not unusual and employed often by lecturers in any field of endeavor to ensure understanding by all members of the varied-level audience. The reader perhaps should be offered a slightly stronger worded suggestion that additional advice from a practitioner might be most beneficial. However, the author indeed has provided exactly what he had intended for his targeted audience.

5* Author’s objective reached.

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