Midshipman Graham and the Battle of Abukir

Midshipman Graham and the Battle of Abukir ISBN: 9781946409232, Penmore Press LLC a historical thriller by James Boschert.

Duncan Graham, youngest son of a lesser member of Scottish landed aristocracy with few choices for a future, enters the navy as a midshipman. He is assigned to duty under command of the distinguished Commodore Sir Sydney Smith. The story follows his gradual maturation as he becomes involved in the brutal warfare that evolved as Bonaparte, following his defeat at Acre, returns to Cairo only again to leave to engage in the vicious fighting with the Turks whom their British allies were attempting to aid on the Abukir Peninsula. Unfortunately the Turkish Pasha in charge would not institute the defensive changes needed to be made with devastating results to the completely undisciplined Turks. As the main protagonist, Duncan’s part in the action is most prominent.

Discussion: Knowledgeable of the terrain and history of his subject, the author has set forth an interesting tale with surprisingly empathetic characters among the French as well as the British. The story moves rapidly among variously stupid thoughtless activity, vicious fighting, humorous moments, acts of heroism, thrilling storm navigation, and even a bit of romance. Minor proofing errors are annoying but are not sufficiently abundant to disrupt the narrative and the ending leaves many loose ends which assumedly will be answered in a sequel.

Conclusion: This volume presents an enjoyable historical novel for light reading.

4* An enjoyable historical novel for light reading.

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