Moral Panic

MORAL PANIC IBSN: 9780999865118, The Dream Flow Publisher, an e-book by K. M. Ecke.

Tanner Moore, a young important and rising executive in a successful corporation is awakened early in the morning by constant banging on his apartment door. The visitors refuse to identify themselves other than that they represent Social Justice and want to get to him before the FBI arrives. He refuses, they force the door and knock him out. He awakens in the underground secret headquarters of a group of programmers working to provide information as to where to find human slave traffickers so that the dominant and brutal leader can eliminate them. The reader discovers that Tanner had been the youngest CTO of a powerful California company whose activities actually were directed by a woman who had ambitions to become Governor as a stepping stone to advance a ‘Big Brother’ type of extensive rule far beyond this initial step. The story continues to unveil steps already taken to initiate her project, of which Tanner’s brilliant programming mind was an integral part, and the far-extended web of misinformation she already had assembled and disseminated, part of which had been distributed to make Tanner a wanted man only she could protect. It also follows the unusual investigative steps taken by an inquisitive journalist to discover what had happened to Tanner and those movements surreptitiously initiated by Tanner and a cohort within the confines of their prison-like headquarters to escape.

Discussion: Simply stated, the theme of this book is far beyond a novel to entertain. Basically, it is an examination of the seeming loss of a basic moral code within today’s society. Its origin stimulated by the daily news reports of the struggle to enhance the bottom line exhibited in many ways by any means, not the least of which is misfeasance by elected members of congress and the supposedly trustworthy individuals appointed to uphold the laws enacted by this body elected by the citizens – all magnified by the purposeful misuse/interpretation by an increasingly ‘out-of-control’ media that appeals to a readership that consists of individuals, a large number of whom believe what they are shown plus again the ‘bottom line’ being enlarged because of the well accepted fact that bad news sells far better than good. An extended discussion of the good versus bad aspects of certain areas of the justice system and of vigilante activity are included and interesting extensions applied to technology.

Summary: A thought producing treatise situated on the fringes of credibility by an author aware of and concerned by a situation that rapidly is approaching a position that will be catastrophic if not faced squarely and corrected with some alacrity.

5* Examination of a building chaotic situation requiring immediate attention.

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