Nannion, a novel in e-book form, written and published with seemingly acknowledged help from Bewildering Stories, by Andreas Androutsellis-Theotokis.

Plot: An International team of Oceanographers proposed construction of a huge aquarium as a place to study sea creatures essentially in a free state where the scientists would have control of the ecology while conducting a wide range of experiments. The small virtually spheroid-shaped Greek island of Dioptra appeared to provide the perfect location. The island had been the site of a diamond mine, now extinct, that literally had reduced it to a large hole roughly the size required by the marine biologists, separated from the surrounding ocean. Construction was completed, amenities were provided for tourists to provide steady income and the scientists went to work. Eventually tourists found other sources of interest and other scientific projects finally caused cessation of the scientific activity and the work was abandoned. The reader then is introduced to a stray kitten who survives a few months in Athens when befriended by Claire, one of the original investigative team. She takes the kitten with her as she makes a solo nostalgic return to the island. The trip ends disastrously for her, but Nannion survives and gradually makes friends with an eel and a humanoid individual and all gradually become involved with a new composite group of scientists while attempting to liberate a pair of huge sharks from deadly organisms generated within the ‘aquarium’.

Discussion: The author has produced a relatively well-written tale; a skillful development of empathy for Nannion and her companions; science that ranges from unusual factual material (e.g., sea basins) to sci-fi/fantasy where discussion leans more heavily toward philosophy than science; and some matters of the young cat’s survival are a little difficult to accept. However, it is an interesting, albeit a somewhat strange read.

4* Interesting, albeit somewhat strange sci-fi/fantasy tale.

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