PALADINE Traffic Stop

PALADINE Traffic Stop, copyright 2017, Queen City Trading Ltd. a thriller e-book by Kenneth Eade.

Plot: The book opens: “Sacrifice, charity, and concern for others has always been a characteristic of the human spirit. But there is a wild, hungry, thirsty, selfish creature that lurks within the libido of each of us. That id some of us ignore, others deny, and still others put a mask on it or lock it away so even they cannot release it. But when the balance is tipped to its side, it can break any bonds that have tied it down, and we are powerless to stop it. The result can be exhilarating, intoxicating, mind-blowing, or it can be deadly.” The story then unfolds to follow the activity of Robert Garcia, a man who had “run away from himself, had tried to convince himself that his past was not a part of his present” – a ‘present’ simply dedicated to following where the winds blew in his ocean going sailboat to quietly spend time fishing. This area right now was among the smaller Greek Islands. Robert never had a ‘normal’ job. Like his father it had been the military, more specifically with the Army’s Special Forces as a covert operative who’s training and exceptional skills had converted him into a fine-tuned, killing machine living a dangerous life of death-dealing assignments. Reportedly, and almost factually, he had been killed in his last assignment, so now as an unknown with nobody close and money from lucrative assassination jobs he pursued his solitary anonymous life from a base on one of the most obscure islands. Unfortunately, he was tired of fishing and ‘the beast within him wanted to come out and play’. He was about a 30 minute cruise to Porto Heli, a summer resort pecked with partiers and more easily accessible and less well-known than Mykonos. He sets sail to land on the island where the subsequent results of his evening sets in motion a whirlwind of activity. He returns beyond Isis lines, reconnects and partners with a former Russian adversary, acquires a new partner who unfortunately also has a personal agenda, all leading to a rousing finish.

Discussion: The author has set forth a well-written, fast paced thriller based on the totally vicious and degenerate practice of Human Trafficking/sex slavery extant throughout the world but seemingly more viciously prevalent in Syria and the entire ISIS/21st Century Terrorism expansion and movement. A number of references for additional reading are sited.

5* Thriller, well-written, fast-paced and based upon factual material.

14 Steps to Self-Publishing a BOOK

14 Steps to Self-Publishing a BOOK ISBN 9780997994643, Lecture PRO Publishing, an e-book by Mike Kowis, Esq.

This book presents the specifics of the author’s process of publishing his first book. An introduction explains why he decided to self-publish – his only option after receipt of numerous rejections from traditional publishers – and follows with extolling the advantages that ultimately accrued as a result of the decision. Chapter One then recites the 14 steps to be taken; Chapter Two, each of the Writing, Self-publishing, and Marketing Costs; Three, enumeration with detailed description/explanation of Ten Lessons learned from writing the first book; A Conclusion; Appendix containing a Self-Publishing Checklist that largely is repetitive; A short biography of the author again with some repetition.

Discussion: Evaluating this book as a whole is somewhat dichotomous. Its main thrust – to provide specific details required for the novice to self-publish a book that is ‘properly done’ with the fewest possible errors – is excellent. It is short and really addresses all pertinent details. However, this reviewer has questions with the second theme – the suggested time line that admittedly may be faulty interpretation, but if so would seem to profit from extensive clarification. He states in the introduction that upon receipt of his last rejection from a traditional publisher in August 2016, he proceeded with the self-publication that occurred on October 21, 2016. AND in his conclusion he states “To summarize, simply follow the 14 steps above and you should be able to self-publish your tome in about one to two months.”

This time line would seem to be quite difficult to achieve. Not only is time required to write the book, but the publishing process often extends time required simply because of the need to hire quite a number of additional personnel and pursue a number of additional steps. A cover design professional, a graphic designer to format the book, an editor, a proof reader and a printer for the physical act of publishing (especially in all three formats the author employed) all are required which adds not only the time required to perform their activity, but also that needed for ‘fitting your request into their own busy schedule’. Good cover designers are quite in demand as are good editors AND further time is required simply to ‘see how well you can work with a particular individual’. A cover designer and even more especially an editor with whom an author is ‘not on the same page’ can be disastrous. Then the author also lists the need for the activities of “establishing a new business to publish and market” your book, buy a domain and establish a web site, buy ISBN numbers, apply for a Library of Congress number, find a merchant account at your preferred shipping company, and create a social media platform (to promote your book). For these rather numerous requirements listed, it is extremely difficult for this reviewer to visualize how this self-publication could have been accomplished in two months. And incidentally by a man who, according to his short biography, includes functioning as an “Adjunct Faculty Member for one of the largest community colleges in the Lone Star State… ENGAGING COLLEGE STUDENTS in Business Law and Corporate Tax classes” as well as being employed as a “Tax attorney at a Fortune 500 company in Texas.”

Conclusion: A short book (that could even have been shorter by excluding repetition) that definitely provides 5* ranking for presentation of vital importance for the novice. However and most regrettably, a proposal that provides a time for book completion that in this reviewer’s opinion would be most difficult to reach.

3*   5* excellent publishing advice; strong cautionary caveat regarding completion time.