NONDISCLOSURE ISBN: 9781733771405 published, copyright and written by Geoffrey M. Cooper.

Brad Parker is a highly successful scientific investigator who, like numerous such individuals are coerced into assuming a position of curtailing his investigative activities to assume a position of department chair at one of the prestigious universities in Boston. His administrative assistant comes to him with a problem of not being able to discover the reason for a $20,000 shortage in their budgetary allotment at the same time his top grant money recipient Mike Singer comes to him reporting an even graver problem. He believes another prominent staff investigator has just raped one of the graduate students working with them. He reports the situation to the dean and the president and one of the members of university’s police force, Karen Richmond, is sent to investigate. She insists that Brad work with her because of his obviously extensive knowledge of the individuals involved. Further details would be a disservice to potential readers. Suffice it to say, that although a fictional tale, the convoluted story gradually evolves to expose an involved set of actions that most readily could be factual. It is a fascinating look at a prominent, long existent problem particularly associated with the student-mentor relationship in the university ‘publish or perish’ milieu that exists in such institutions. Another item examined is the rivalry among investigators.

Discussion: Sub titled “A Medical Thriller”, this book also is a tale of mystery and romance. Its setting is academia. Its theme is modern day research and problems that not infrequently can arise when fertile minds produce important interdisciplinary results. It places a spotlight on universities finally facing the long ignored problem of sexual harassment on all levels, but seemingly more prevalent within the academic sciences where, as described above, a situation exists from which the misuse of authority so readily could arise. It also demonstrates a situation that has grown to ridiculous proportions within the last few years. The almost uncontrollable competitive situation among pharmaceutical houses to spend huge amounts of monies to aid in the discovery of significant results and for the originator to acquire some degree of compensatory gratification. As an individual once immersed in academia, this reader highly recommends this author’s presentation as a thoroughly enjoyable novel based on matters about which he demonstrates an intimate knowledge.

5* Well done novel by knowledgeable author.

Tired and Hungry no More

Tired and Hungry no More ISBN: 978173693929, assumed published, copyright and written by Phyllis Ginsberg.

The contents of this book are set forth with the usual disclaimer, an introduction, overview and 6 parts. Part One, entitled Healthy Mind presents 3 sections – “Why your efforts haven’t worked”; “Where are you in your life?” and “Reaching your full potential.” Part Two, Healthy Energy, provides “The next big Frontier: Energy Healing” and “EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping with tapping scripts” which provides suggestions for 10 specific situations. Part Three, Healthy Sleep, has 3 sections discussing in order Poor Sleep, Melatonin, and suggestions for acquiring consistently good sleep. Part Four, Healthy Body, with separate attention to how to work with your body, why you should do it and provides “Options you may not have considered”.  Part Five, Healthy Eating, discusses your way of “Finding your way back to health” followed by risk factors, numerous ways to healthier eating with special attention to “Desserts, Holidays and Travel”. Part six prescribes “Healthy Recipes”. Acknowledgements, a short biography and a list of the author’s other offerings conclude the book.

Discussion: The author experienced an extremely difficult childhood. Her chronically ill mother necessitated her taking care of herself starting at a very early age and of her mother as well as she grew older. The situation ended even worse for the child as mother died when she was 15 leaving her with a consuming fear of the same fate. She gradually decided that the best way of fighting this fear was to actively attempt to establish and pursue a sensible course of action. She embarked upon this venture by first discovering her present physical state and learning how to make the changes required to live a happy and healthy life. She explains how to proceed because many are lonely, not knowing how to equate with others. They need ‘something to look forward to’- if you’re not satisfied with your life actively attempt to find something that is satisfying, but realize that it requires at least 21 days to establish a new habit (but can vary from 18 -254 days). From this point on, she provides

a series of suggestions that should be of great interest to many busy and overburdened individuals – a list of 7 “Quick and Easy Ways to Recharge your Battery”; a workable meditation method; techniques for “Energy Healing”; a tapping technique, described in detail, to aid in addressing several life disturbing sensations” along with other proven suggestions for a better night’s sleep; 4 steps to tuning into your body’s signals as listed and why it is so important. She progresses to explain the importance of the proper foods for mind as well as body; the necessity of awareness of what you’re eating and proposes and describes how to make a game of ‘buying’ your food each day at $1/calorie – a most effective manner in which to correct bad habits in adults but even more helpful in teaching children these valuable lessons. A large number of recipes provided also should be extremely helpful to the large number of individuals so involved in today’s frenetic activity.

Summary: The author has presented a somewhat unique approach to the time honored subject of ways and means to correct poor eating and living habits and has provided very viable techniques to accomplish this goal.

4* Pleasantly laid-back presentation of frequently offered advice.