The Discovery of Lysulin

In Search of Natural Support for Diabetes Wellbeing ISBN: 1950336043 The Books Factory copyright and written by John F. Burd, PhD.

Subtitled “The Discovery of Lysulin” the book contains 15 chapters, a Conclusion, an Appendix containing four impressive studies of the effectiveness of this new substance in treating the cause of Diabetes, several Testimonials and “About the Author”. Included are an explanation of Diabetes, Obesity & Heart Disease; the Misinformation Campaign on Diabetes; the Culprit: Glucose Toxicity; the Symptoms and Complications of Type 2 Diabetes; the Discovery of Lysulin; the Unfavorable view of Natural Supplements; the Politics of Food, Science and Diabetes; Putting Lysulin to the Test; Diabetes Drugs and Advertising; Metformin and Insulin; comparison of Effectiveness of Lysulin to Big Pharma’s Drugs; the Fundamentally Misguided approach to Medical Education; Where do we go from here? And the concluding chapter summarizing and amalgamating all of the material provided within the individual chapters.

Discussion: The author is an entrepreneur with an impressive record of successes in discovery, use and/or advancement of worthwhile biochemical elements. The thrust of presentation is obvious from the chapter contents. There is a certain amount of repetition and redundancy. However, the overall impression is highly favorable in that the activities of the pharmaceutical industry are well known and now under investigation, the gullibility of consumers obvious and the prevalent lack of attention to nutrition in medical and dental education shamefully apparent. The reasons advanced by the professions for these missing educational inclusions are just as inexcusable as the probable influential feature suggested by the author. Further, the missing instruction is a sad commentary (along with much that is occurring in these schools today) because, from personal experience, nutritional lectures still were a large part of instruction sixty – eighty years ago.

5* Highly recommended for ALL readers.

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How to Calm Down

A Guide on how to CALM DOWN ISBN: 9781951028107 Absolute Author Publishing copyright and written by C. J. Kruse.  (Possibly Caleb Kruse to download.)

The book’s title also admonishes one to do “Quickly Effectively before you do or say something stupid.” The format is a presentation of 14 individual chapters and a conclusion that take the reader from an explanation and discussion of “what it means to be worked up” through various causes leading up to the condition followed by proposal of numerous mental and physical activities to rectify the situation. Much emphasis is placed on introspection and self-analysis in evaluating the factors most effective for your individual case and decisions which must be made with respect to how best to employ them for their greatest effect.

Discussion: The author states that he is “a father, husband, musician and writer of self-help books, and Christian non-fiction books”. His style is laid back and unaffected, occasionally humorous, thus a manner of presentation that can be quite effective, especially with his re-emphasis on certain features. Additionally, individual helpful lists are provided. In summary, this is a self-help book that should appeal to a sizeable group of readers.

5*A self-help book that should appeal to a sizeable number of readers.