PANACEA, is a story in e-book form set forth in an unusual but interestingly effective format by Brad Murray.

Plot: The story begins on May 29, 2011 when Jimmy Porter sets forth on a trip to receive word about his long missing father after receiving a telephone call from a Dr. Dimitri Minskowi. On the way he is involved in a horrifying pile-up of cars as it occurs when a large number of assorted and strangely acting animals stampede from the adjacent woods, one killing a motorcyclist on the highway causing the chain reaction. From this tumultuous beginning, the reader is taken on a journey through a strange sequence of actions/activities as they gradually begin to reveal the evolution of a strange tale of search for an individual with an unusual immune system. The search originally was initiated in 1945 with the downfall of the Third Reich and the escape of a Jewish POW whose immune system was able to repel and/or annul the effects of any deleterious element that attempted to invade. It is a far-ranging, convoluted hunt involving numerous characters with many ulterior motives ranging from personal greed, gain and revenge to sincere altruism, and including various levels of deceit, deception, betrayal and subterfuge.

Discussion: If you are a reader who enjoys a pleasant story fancifully and charmingly presented in a fast-moving fashion, this story is for you. Buy, read and enjoy but DO NOT reads beyond this point UNLESS you are a devotee of more traditional mysteries.

SPOILER ALERT! Regrettably, the case so pleasantly but rather cavalierly presented by the author would not be the simple matter described. A U.S. Citizen is murdered in a U.S. State city within the jurisdiction of the local police. However, ties are discovered that lead to a foreign country and include the victim being a member of the FBI involved in clandestine activity in a foreign country – an activity that more usually would be the concern of the CIA and INTERPOL (The FBI does maintain some offices overseas but more probably would only tangentially be involved in an incident as described.) Additionally, the level of activity described by the local Savannah authorities is difficult to accept as well as description of the range of Arthur’s dispersal of government money. His cache of weapons also does not seem to have any logical reason.

Conclusion: An interestingly plotted story fancifully and charmingly presented, but not for most usual mystery devotees.

3* Interesting plot, fascinatingly, charmingly presented; not for usual mystery devotee.

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