Pianos and Penance

Pianos and Penance, Gifford Ulrich Book 2 ISBN: 9781500242817, an e-book by Dan Groat.

The reader is introduced to Gifford Ulrich, a 230 pound ex-Navy Seal whose only friend is a small dog named Tobias. After some time as a homeless wanderer with aspects of PTSD and unexpectedly solving of a high profile case involving characters associated with the mob, he now has a job, a 34 year old car and is living in one of a four apartment complex. He is friendly and helpful and when a 40 + year old neighbor is missing he follows her tracks in the snow to discover her small dog, which she had apparently followed, tied to a tree and continues to find her dead body. The story progresses as he becomes involved in attempting to find the killer with distinct police instructions not to do so. However, he has quiet help from a prominent investigator, another neighbor, a fellow worker and another brilliant detective who is retired with failing eyesight and some other problems. Along the way he gradually gains a degree of ‘healing’ of his emotional trauma through a growing sense of bonding with the ‘team’ he has gathered, solves the quite involved case and is provided with a, for him, dilematous choice for the direction of his future. A little judicious editing would have enhanced the books enjoyment even more.

The author has provided another interestingly and well-written tale with an intriguing, well-devised plot and credible characters that readers of mystery stories should really appreciate.

4* Interesting credible characters immersed in a fascinating plot.

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