PRACTICAL TIPS to Live or Travel in CHINA

PRACTICAL TIPS to Live or Travel in CHINA, an e-book by Ani Right.

Following a Legal & Disclaimer section, the author sets forth a very extensive Table of Contents of material that quite literally covers all aspects of preparing to travel and/or move to, as well as to leave, China. Much of the preparatory material is routine but such items as useful apps to download and Sim cards in China are particularly thoughtful, as is the idea of keeping your hotel room card with you whenever you go out. The name/address are on the card and useful for a taxi or other to have directions so you can get back in case you do not encounter English speaking persons. Parenthetically this is a practical suggestion for any foreign country, and her suggestion to have at least a minimal ability to understand/speak the language is most practical. The rest of the book is devoted to quite extensive descriptions of the principle airports, cities, top hotels, best budget hotels, special hotels, motels and prominent places to see, all with distances from one point to another. Comparative bus, taxi, bikes, scooters, rental cars, high-speed trains, and air fares, time in route, and more also are provided. Also presented are activities in which to indulge that include explanations if new and/or different. Top western, Chinese and special restaurants of note, spas, housing, hiring of house employees/babysitters and still more, all with attendant costs and how best to acquire them are described at length. Especially important dos and don’ts of social activities are thoughtfully explained, as are the availability of organic food, home delivery, where to shop for what, scams of which to be wary, smoking and even a section detailing what to expect of toilets in China.

Conclusion: This book is a treasure trove of information that the prospective traveler definitely should read thoroughly before leaving and be retained as a constant companion while in China. Parenthetically, it contains some fascinating nuggets of information for the casual reader, if he/she does not mind skipping through the pages of copious factual material.

5* Must read travel guide if China is your destination; nuggets for casual readers.

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