Primordial Threat

Primordial Threat, a sci-fi fantasy published, copyright and written by M. A. Rothman.

Plot; Earth is facing extinction by being struck with numerous meteorites followed by being positioned directly in the path of a black hole on its way toward the sun. Literally, what is left of Earth after the rain of debris will be spun off into space to freeze or will be totally fragmented. There is only one person who possibly can save the world and he has disappeared. He had been a prominent member of the country’s most distinguished scientific research organization only to be forced out by the usual politically inclined members because of ‘impossibly insane ideas’. Fortunately, he is discovered to have been working as a miner on the moon when he returns to earth to obtain necessary materials. He is placed in charge and eventually, with a remarkable team of scientists and help from a most prominent North Korean whom he knew as a close friend and fellow student in his earlier days, eventually devises a means of saving Earth by moving it into another position within the universe. The tale is peopled with numerous interesting characters ranging from military types to savants.

Discussion: The author has produced a fascinating sci-fi tale containing many features that border on that thin cutting-edge of science that many believe eventually will be actual realities. The only somewhat disconcerting feature, at least to this reader, was the slow beginning as characters were introduced and the plot actually established.

Summary: A slightly slow starting, but thoroughly intriguing story provided in an enjoyably well-paced manner.

5* Intriguing, slow starting but otherwise enjoyable, well-paced sci-fi.

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