Ralphy the Rabbit Finds Himself

Ralphy the Rabbit Finds Himself: ISBN 9780997225754, is a children’s story in e-book form published and written by David L.Wallace with illustrations by Lorian Dean.

Plot: A small rabbit is unhappy with some of his un-rabbit-like features that keep him from being selected from the pet shop. He overhears a parakeet repeating children’s words and wishes he could do that so maybe he could be adopted. Finally, a little girl finds him adorable and will not be deterred from taking him home where he is wonderfully fulfilled. Shortly after arrival however, he chews on a chair leg and the child is informed that he must be kept in his cage whenever his little owner is not with him. Shortly thereafter the mother brings home a cat that has been injured and ‘Oscar’ becomes the child’s chief pet. Ralphy is disheartened and when he sees a favorite TV show where a magician draws a rabbit out of a hat, then makes him disappear to be replaced by a boy, he yearns to meet the magician so he also can be a boy and talk with his owner. Meanwhile he and Goldie, the pet goldfish discover Oscar is a bit of a phony, so when Daddy decides to take Marta to see her favorite magician, they hatch a plan for Ralphy to go along. Through mismanagement, Oscar and Ralphy miss their ride and to get to the magician must depend upon each other for safety. Eventually they arrive, Ralphy encounters the magician but realizes that he can accept himself as he is and that Oscar actually can be a friend and helpful in reaching a common goal.

Discussion: This little story appears to be written in language appropriate for young children and provides valuable lessons for them with respect to self-acceptance, the advantages of working together toward a common goal and the fact that individuals may not always be characterized as they may first appear. The illustrations are cute and should be attractive to children.

4* Lessons appropriately and enjoyably presented for young children.

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