RED to FADE ISBN: 9781784625580, Troubador Publishing Ltd, an e-book by Sebastian Hamdam.

Story: In the year 2100 a race known as Morphians from the planet Balaxia and many space travel years from earth have entered Mars atmosphere. They have the most advanced technologies imaginable. Their space cruisers are the size of an earth battleship and with all manner of remarkable features including the ability to produce their own food and fuel, allowing them to travel for years. Their planet has “a multiplex of different countries” with differing communities/cultures. Their appearances differ in skin color with mostly shades similar to fish, but otherwise are not too radically different from earthlings. Those from Clandar “who’ve entered the solar methodology are dubbed ‘Clandarians’”. They decide to create life on the maroon desert of Mars and with their abilities to construct huge cities under indestructible bubble-like structures and with their advanced technologies are able to accomplish this feat and produce all elements necessary for survival. They also have discovered that earth’s language of English is very similar to their Zando and that earth’s atmosphere is similar to their own. They convince NASA that they want only peace and make a pact for their interrelationship. Unfortunately corrupt FBI Agent Joel Davis is leader of a group of bureaucrats that wants to steal the extraterrestrials’ advanced scientific knowledge and will use any means of doing so. Fortunately, another Agent, Connor Harper, discovers the plot and attempts to thwart his impending action to attack the data’s storage place on Mars. Detailed presentation of the activity of these two antagonists and their cohorts is the substance of the story.

Discussion: The author’s fertile imagination has produced a thriller that takes off after initial orientation and continues to the very end with high octane action that certainly would lend itself to a format used for the immensely popular warfare games that are so popular as downloads today. In fact, it would appear that perhaps this might be even a better venue, at least from this reader’s viewpoint, because the verbalization employed, is disruptive or ‘jarring’ to say the least and becomes increasingly so as the story progresses. A reason for the manner of narrative provided would seem that the author was desirous of introducing a ‘foreign’ sound in that it is presented by a third person who well could be one of the extraterrestrials. However, when the reader is inundated with words that are usable (mostly) but often a ‘stretch’ and the occurrence is repetitive, one becomes a little disenchanted with what otherwise is a very good sci-fi thriller. If a reader is not disturbed by this usage, enjoy a good sci-fi thriller. For those not sure, the following somewhat sizeable sample is provided. “Gabrielle absconds the infiltrator (car) and gaits to the portal…” “Harper and Gabrielle decline their panes (windows) and propel projectiles with their weaponry. Hoffman is cannonading at the field operators on M-29 and Connor is fusillading at the officers on M-27. Their gunnery begets little eruptions of debris as they batter the plaster of the impediment of Moterway-27 and 29.” “Gabrielle strikes one of the detectives in the abaft of Henderson’s eradicator (car). Harper thrashes a federal staff member … the associate that Connor impales (with a rifle round) falls out of the sunroof and clubs the motorway…” “The Kenworth and the rectangular truck are blocking all motors from compelling past. The truck and trailer fall on their sidelong.” “Sandro evacuates the four-lane highway and actuates the city.” “Dero presses a button to inaugurate the (bus) driver obstruct the bus at the next termination.” Dylan tours to the mall portal. Harper flees the galleria to amass him.” “The blast instigates other detectives to aviate (blown up) into the sky.” Obviously, a large sampling, but hopefully provides some basis to support this reviewer’s contention.

4* Excellent sci-fi thriller; 3* somewhat disenchantingly verbalized.

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